Feedback and Assistance on Rendering

Hi guys!

I’m new to blenderartists so I hope I put this in the right place. I am modeling a high-end theater for an architectural teaser video animation. The image attached is a shot of the ceiling lighting and the camera rotates around the light for a few seconds. What I need help with is how exactly you think I should go about making these lights appear actually lit and realistic. In the animation, I want the lights to begin dimming (as though a movie were about to start) and I havent had much luck in figuring out how to make these appear realistically lit. There is a lightbulb in them with a modeled filament that has an emission texture.

The main lighting in the scene is a large screen with an emission texture. This rendering was made with a 2.00 indirect clamp. No post-processing. Please help!

Thank you

My first thought is to use the ‘Blackbody’ node, under converter in the node editor. You probably can somehow set this up to, based on the progression of time, reduce the apparent temperature of your bulb until it reaches zero emissions degrees, and thus zero emissions, and also tie that timer to the emission level for your lamp. I just ran a few test trying to base such a change on the age of a particle, and was not able to get it to work. The particle info node, which has an age output, is under the input title in the node editor. I imagine that I was just not somehow connected to the appropriate particle, but do not know how to fix it.

The model looks quite nice so far. The lightbulbs look quite realistic.

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback, Ill try to get it to work today. I’ll post updates