Feedback needed by 7/28/14!!!! Help me! Please!

I’m doing this job for a guy where I need to model 12 photorealistic (single story) villas… I know it’s a little small, but at this point I have NO time to start over… I should have started out here in the first place, but I never thought of it :expressionless: So, PLEASE, help me… This file is due 7/31/14 but I’d like to finish it before my time is over, just to ensure I get it done in time… Anyway, this here is 5 days of work, and the topology is rather clean… but that really don’t matter… I need ideas that’ll help increase the quality of the scene! If you help, (give me ideas… I can’t allow you to actually work on the project) I’ll throw your name in the description, and if you really help a lot, I’ll add a link with your name :smiley: Thanks!!! :smiley:

I know it’s got a lot of grain (rendered at 50 samples) but that’ll soon be fixed, as I plan on a 1000 sample render while I sleep tonight :smiley:



The things I think you could change :
-Height of the walls, the ceiling looks too low
-The door : it is directly put on the ground and ends in the roof
-The roof : I think it should be darker and a bit dirty.
-Maybe add some concrete on the floor next to the door, and a mat
-I don’t know if we could see it from this view, but there is no gutter (I’m not sure it is the word, I mean these things under the roof that gather water)

Hope it helps!

It surely does! Thanks So Much! I don’t want to add gutters, cause they (in my opinion, look too tacky)

Okay, the first image contains the actual update… but the second contains a better render of the welcome mat :smiley: Let me know how I can improve! :smiley:

I really need more feedback/ideas! Please help me! :expressionless:

Look at some house pictures, the grass is always awesome, in your scene it looks to sad.
Same thing for the sky and the lighting. I think something like a midday sun and a blue sky would be better (on top of the house, with heavy light).

If you want to keep the current sky picture, look at the sun on it. It is behind the house, but the light comes from the left of the picture.

In my opinion the window placement is a little off. The two windows closest to the viewer, should be moved away from each other some more. Furthermore this looks like a CAD file right now, maybe you should and some more variation in the colours.

If you’re trying to make a photo realistic scene, then one of the most import things is to have reference pictures. Even if you do not copy it exactly, you will always notice little details to help make your picture more realistic. I’ve gathered a couple of reference pictures that might help you:

And maybe more of these pictures will be helpful:

Also, textures and materials are extremely important in making scenes look realistic. In fact, they help a scene to look better almost always, even if you’re not trying to make it look realistic.
Right now the house kind of looks like a miniature and I think that it is because of two things: The camera angle and focal length, and the shadows are very soft. Outdoors the sun will cast a very sharp shadow on large objects, while the shadow will appear softer on smaller objects.
And even though it is not as important as the house itself, having a good yard will help make the image look better as well. The grass all the same color and very saturated. Try adding variation and de-saturating it some. Most things in real life are actually much less saturated than what we often expect. If you open up an image editor, and use the eyedropper tool to sample a random part of a photo you will probably be able to tell that the individual color is very desaturated, but you won’t notice it when you look at the photo as a whole.

You’re on a good start, so keep it up and I’m sure that you will get a great render!

Okay :slight_smile: Thanks :smiley:

Yah… Too late to change the windows… I may be able to change the 2 closest windows to the camera :wink:

Thanks! These are some great points! :smiley: I will be sure to try to work on them :wink:

The roof tiles are out of scale, too big, and this contributes to the look like a miniature.


your house looks to need: gutters, and outdoor light fixtures, and maybe a smaller door.

Okay… Everyone wants gutters :slight_smile:

That sucks! I don’t think I can do anything about that, as I have a lot of details to do! :expressionless: I’ve redone those 3 times already (not to mention coloring)

Their size is like 1 foot long and I think 4 inches wide…

What should the focal length be??? A rough estimate please… :smiley:

then the house is very small…


34’ x 63’ are the dimensions :slight_smile: