Feedback on live footage integration


I’m working on a short where there is a robot CGI character. I’m trying to see how I can improve what I have. So any suggestions on how to change the lighting, perspective, materials, etc, would be a lot of help. Below is a screen cap.

thanks in advance

Here’s what I find :

  • the lighting looks too bright
  • the white material has no fresnel (and everything should have fresnel)
  • he’s on focus while the door is already a bit out of focus (and the stairs even more)

Hey, Thanks for the feedback. yeah for the lighting I think I just applied a Color correction adjustment layer on the entire frame, so it blew out the robot.

Thanks for the fresnel tidbit, I’ll look into that. And the focus can be softer.

If it’s meant to be creepy like the “I robot” scene when they change to red mode, then it works.