FeedBack Required

Hi everyone, this is my latest render and would like to receive some constructive feedback on it. it can be on lightening, modelling textures or on any other aspects.
the main goal was to create realistic render but some reason i am missing it.
blender - 2.78
textures - poliigon
Thank you.

Hi! I think I won’t help you with lightning stuff, but as long as I prepare models for interior design software, I’ll try to point some mistakes in furnitures :smiley: First, look at your couch ant imagine you sit on it. Isn’t there too less space for sitting? Cushions look pretty big - if I were you, I would try to make them smaller :slight_smile: Also TV next to this door looks weird. Typical doors are about 2m high and judging by your render, the TV is about 1,2m high (I’d love to have that big TV - I wouldn’t spend so much money in the cinema…) which is pretty big for that tiny room :slight_smile: Also, if I were you, I would think about sizes - the ceiling seems to be too low or not only TV is off the scale :slight_smile:

I like stuff on the table and the fact that you remembered about small details like the powers supply for the laptop and plants in the corner :slight_smile: I like the materials overall.

Lovely. But the placement of TV doesn’t make any sense. Next to a door and in front of the window. Other than that, I think the image is too yellowish. Make some popping color. By tis, I mean, change the color of the wall.

I don’t have a problem with the tv placement. In my first apartment, our tv was in front of the window because it was the only place it would fit. But we did have a huge blackout curtain so we could see the screen. Of course this was so long ago it was a tube tv.

I agree about the wall and the color. The wall paper makes it a pretty busy scene. Maybe fade back the pattern?

Also, the scene is very yellow. Shadow colors, even in morning light rooms, tend to shift bluer in the darker areas.

is the table a little close to the tv? Tight space!

I think the gaudy blue lamps and paintings contribute to making it look more yellow than it really is. If you tone them down a bit I think the afternoon tone is more acceptable and also the composition would be better. Now they are drawing attention.

The textures are too uniform, You need some medium and large-scale variation. Also it is missing grunge at every scale. Use a bevel modifier on anything with sharp corners. The TV appears to be on, but it’s not very bright. The screen should be somewhat reflective as well.
Some bloom and level adjustment wouldn’t hurt either. Something like this?

In general though, this scene feels really uptight. The laptop screen is straight up, the couch cushions are straight up. the curtains are hanging straight down. The only thing that feels messy is the paper on the table. So, add a bit of a slouch wherever you can?

On an even larger scale, there doesn’t seem to be a strong composition. No focal elements?
Also, what is the narrative here? An architect sat down to eat dinner and work on some drawings? Where are they now?

First question: Are you using Filmic? Something about the light doesn’t sit right, the contrast is too strong. The lit areas are too bright, the small shadows like the throw pillows on the sofa are too deep. It feels like Blender’s default color management, which isn’t realistic.

I’d also use an HDRI here or extra lights to bring depth to the lightning. Take our sunlight as an example: It’s never pure yellow-white, there’s always a blue hue associated—the sky. Depending on the ambient you’ll get all sort of colors squeezed into that light, green from gardens, a cooler gray form asphalt, etc.

(Hues exaggerated for clarity. Photo source)

Light rarely has a single color in it, it’s an amalgamation of colors of the light source itself and the atmosphere and the reflections which will be perceived through angle changes. The only single hue lights that exist in our world are artificial lights, and even then it only happens when they’re close to the viewer. The farther is the light source, the more opportunities to “catch” the atmosphere and reflections colors it’ll have. That’s the reason your lightning feels unrealistic: It’s coming from outside, yet it has a single color. It looks like a lamp.

Another suggestion is adding more imperfections to your scene. As dudecon said, everything is too perfect and polished.

Nature is imperfect. Reality is imperfect. Only brand new man-made objects are perfect. Everything else, may it be organic elements or man-made objects that saw any little use at all will show some wear and small defects. Sharp corners aren’t sharp, clean floor tiles still don’t have an even gloss and hue, etc. Your geometry seems good, you only need to add more imperfections to make it feel realistic.

My particular method to determine if something is 3D is to look for imperfections most artists forget: Uneven corners, imperfect walls (particularly corners where walls meet), wood furniture shading (many artists can’t or won’t create a good varnish shader), metal roughness (artists forget metal is forged and painted, even brand new objects will show small defects and welding points), glass (again it has defects inherent to its creation process), hue and value variations in large surfaces like fabrics. You passed some of these tests, but your walls, ie, are too flawless.

Oh, and regarding composition: The left side is too empty. You can add small details like some shoes close to the door or a corner of another furniture peeking in the first plane that will add realism and help to balance the composition.

Overall it’s a good scene. Keep up with the good work!

Harpyja has given good advices !
you can rotate the table 90° , that will make more space. And will work better with the TV position. You can try to create a quick makehuman character and see how he can sit on the couch, how he can move in the room. To be sure every proportions are ok.

Maybe something simpler for the wall pattern will be better, the poster on the wall is a bit off the rest of the room. Maybe a painting in a frame ?
Some elements ( lamps , curtains, the furniture under the TV) feels a bit like “grand-parents house” the TV , laptop, elements on the table feels more like young single people live here.

do more, work more, create another scene… rather a part of, work on small scene where less time is invested, details matters more, experience diversity… after a while come back & you’ll see

Hi guys, thank you for the feedback !!
first i think i miss out some of the details in the description as i am using the blender flimic and HDRi image but i played around a bit with the contrast and the gamma values which resulted in that yellowish lighting
yes the TV seems way too big!! forgot the basic about scaling things down (i just modeled them without regardless of the other furniture ) and should have taking more reference as i just stick to one reference photo. also would like to play around with their setting as in the 3D view it looked quite spacious but with this angle it does looks cramped.
i dont have much experience in the color department so i tried choosing similar color so that they would compliment each other (i believe a little bit of variation can make things better)
i am still working and learning about making the scene a bit messy (with dust, god rays or other effect) so thanks for pointing that out.
overall , it was my first attempt on the interior scene so i didnt had much idea about the whole story and composition but thankful through this i was able to pick up some good advice and wil definitely apply them in future renders.
thank you