Feeding the bird

been a while since i posted here,
anyway this is my first work for this year,


very nice! love the colours! looks like this will be a setup for many great works in the future =)

Congrats! 8)

looks great! :slight_smile:

only crit I can think of is that the girl almost seems distracting…I think just having the bird as the main subject and taking the girl out would make the overall composition stronger…It would make the overall emphasis on the bird much stronger, and the balance of the whole piece stronger as well…just my $0.02…

evenstill, it looks pretty awesome either way.

Great work, leon. I really like the whole atmosphere in this one. The nice misty light from the window, the texture on the girl’s face, everything.


tommorowmans right she is a bit distracting. Also the bird is beautiful. Did u use corel painter and a graphics tablet?


i used photoshop 7.0 and a wacom A5,like most of my works.