Feel the Heat - Updated, now with tutorial

(Rico) #1

Hey all, here’s one I finished up yesterday, for some tutorials I’m doing.


Part 1 of the workflow tutorial series:

(Ghasemmollahasa) #2

Great work!

(threedslider) #3

Very good character as design !

(Yanal Sosak) #4

Dang it, how to people add 5 stars to a post? This man deserves a 5 star!

(Rico) #5

Thanks guys! glad you like it :slight_smile:
@Yanal Sosak haha no problem man, it’s the thought that counts :wink:

(Tonatiuh) #6

If he just had some lachrymal membrane… the lack of it makes his eyes weird.
But man… the model, the textures, the hear, and the render… just phenomenal!

(jim trim) #7

Cool character! His lips seem a bit odd colour? Great hair:)

(Rico) #8

Thanks guys! ^ glad you like it, and thanks for the critiques, it helps a lot. :smiley:

(DeadParrot) #9

He looks tough but I bet he’s a softy.

Awesome work. The strength of the features is really nice!

(foxrender) #10

That’s awesome work, I love it. Just looking forward to learn your tutorial if available.:eyebrowlift2:

(Pierrick PICAUT) #11

Love it ! Awesome
Where are you gonna publish your tutorial?

(ItalianJoy) #12

I would also be interested in seeing the tutorial. It looks great, especially the hair.

(lhumungus) #13

This is great.

(Rico) #14

Thanks guys! The tutorials will be in several parts, probably, as I recorded quite a load of footage :wink: You can keep an eye on my Youtube channel if you don’t want to miss it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2yjJJcNzIrBDqNqRk_UCyA
although I will probably post on here as well.

again, thanks for the awesome feedback, I appreciate it :smiley:

(draguu) #15

Pure awesomeness bro :slight_smile:

(bentraje) #16

Thankyou. Looking forward for the rest!

(Snacko) #17

Great job!

(Nita) #18

Loved the skin shader

(Shonuff) #19

very very nice indeed! :eyebrowlift:

(Rico) #20

Thanks all! :slight_smile: