Female Anatomy [some nudity]

in my spare time I try to do some modelling. And here is what I created lastly.
I used multiple references from the internet. So I’ll just post my progress in here,
if you have tipps on the anatomy I’d be really thankful, since this is the part I
struggle most with.


And just a very quick render:

Thanks for watching! :slight_smile:

not bad, but I think it would look better if you used more quads and less n-gons. also, the skin looks quite waxy at the moment.
(edit) also the belly button seems a bit large.
and also, welcome to BA forums.

Agree with Modron.

You could remove the two ngons near her breast bone, by using the knife tool and adding geometry as shown in red.

Personally, I’d recommend looking at http://cgcookie.com/blender/; they have lots of great tutorials, and some are specific to modelling male and female forms.

Thank you for your suggestions!
I already read and watched some tutorials and am doing so now,
but I somehow just want to try stuff out too. :slight_smile:
The nGon was removed, and I tried enhance some other spots:


Topology could be a lot better. I see a lot of triangles and ngons.

Edit: Nevermind, I somehow missed that last post?!

the hip bone looks kind of pointy. if you put another edge loop in there you could make it more curved, and you could do away with those skinny triangles in that area and replace them with quads.

Thanks for your critique, I’ll update my model soon.
Should I try to get a more uniform polygon distribution over the mesh?
Any critiques/suggestions are welcome! :slight_smile: