Female Body resource *nudity*


I’ve decided to go ahead and post this as a free resource to the community for all those needing a fairly-realistic female model in their scene but that don’t have the skill or time to model one themselves.
She’s not rigged or unwrapped but other than that the model is mostly complete. It’ll certainly serve most purposes that it’d be needed for.

Have fun!


thanks! great model!

Thanks for sharing :wink:

There are a few issues in my opinion, but those may just be due to incorrect assumptions.


It’s certainly not a perfect model, but I feel it’s good enough to put on the web. Feel free to make crits though as there’s a good chance I’ll go back and fix some of those and upate the model as I make changes.

The topology looks slightly odd - circular rings coming out from the belly button anyone?

She seems to arch backwards in a sort-of c. Shouldn’t she be more upright?

Somehow, her back just doesn’t seem to work.

Also, I noticed that you seem to have tried assigning an armature to her. Did you delete it, or have you got it in another file.
There is an unused curve (with no geometry by the way) floating around. Go through your file with the outliner view open, you might find a few other orphaned things.


How the stomach topology is actually works quite well, if you look at a lot of professional models you’ll see the same thing.
You’re quite right that she’s arched a bit, though this doesn’t really cause a problem when rigging and posing.
I originally had an armature assigned for a bit of posing work but I deleted it for this file since it wasn’t working out so well, nor was it complete.

the link is dead.


I bet it worked when the thread was started nearly six years ago. :wink:

Jonathan recently released another female base mesh model on blendswap, maybe you can use that instead.