female body

Dear blenderFriends, my plan is to make a manga animation (one day :rolleyes:). Now I somehow finished character - (with help of joan of arc tutorial). Now I’m planning to make clothes and than some face modification. But…before…what do you think about it? Some ideeas/changes?

thank you in advance…


Modelling isn’t bad, but you need to work from reference material I think, at least to begin with.

The torso, breasts and front of the legs appear very flat, with edges at the sides. The form should be more rounded. Do a slice through the torso or legs in front view (alt+b) and take a look at it from the top view, you’ll see what I mean.

I see…what is the best way to do it now (to make it more rounded)? Sculpting, or just removing vertices/edges and then connect them or just moving the vertices? Or some other easier way?

Depends on the density of the mesh. You might try moving verts with proportional editing turned on (type o). You might try hiding everything except a cross section of the leg or torso and simply moving the verts into a rounder shape. Sculpt might work, I don’t know much about it.

Tweaking is just moving verts around until the model looks right. I’m not sure you’d remove and reconnect verts unless the topology is messed up.

need to curve the titties more i guess…

so I remade the body once again…and here is the result…is not perfect…but the best now from me :spin:. I think that I will just continue with the clothes - to move a bit forward…
thanks and thanks


Here is my model update - what do you think? (comments, some ideas…) The cahracter should be for animation so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible… :spin:


Hair needs some work, unless she’s wearing a mullet. In side view, hair profile should probably sweep from the forehead down, then in a straight line back to the longest hair in back. Many girls like to wear their hair so they can’t see to the side, and sometimes partially block their own view to the front.

Also, unless you’ve made major changes to the topology, you’re going to have serious deformations when you try to bend her at the waist, hips, knees, shoulders and elbows. Post a wire (without all the extra subsurf lines) for more feedback on this important subject.

Hei Orinoco, thanks for your comments. I will check once again the hair. Please what do you mean with ‘major changes to the topology’?


i think this should probably go into the wip thread but i like the modeling