Female character , [training]

Current progress :

Hey this is my second female character , the first one was hum … ugly :no:

(I forgot to post at the beginning so I will post the progression of my project)
I didn’t like her body shape so I decided to delete everything except the head

So i made the hair and i started to work on her cloths

(It’s not the final textures)

I finally did some improvements on her nose and her lips

I made her boots

Looking great! Keep up the good work!

I will ! Thanks a lot !!

Well my character is now rigged , there are some imperfections but I’m going to work on the texture before.

hey I like this characters lanky cartoony and cute style.
For my taste I would make the eyes real eyeballs than having material-planes - in my opinion it would look much better and will be easier to animate by rolling the eyeballs than moving the pupil on a surface - because there is some limitation when the Pupil reaches one of the eye corners you need to put it inside your head mesh and that would probably look a little bit disturbing…but maybe I am wrong you probably already have a quite sober blinking stat.

Hi ! thank you ! And yes you are right. On the 2 last pictures the eyes are already real eyeballs :slight_smile:

Well : some renders of the improved jacket :
With Diffuse, Occlusion, Specular, Normal and displacement maps.
(the 2 straps with clips are here to attach something ( swords…))

I wasn’t happy of the last result , now i think I am

Pants done ! (maybe i will make it less black and more grey )


Now I will work on the sword :slight_smile:

Hum , I don’t know what is the best version and I think something is wrong with this top but I’m not sure at all… :frowning:

I finally opted for this one !

Now let’s go no the rigging , for real !

yep , I’m actually working on facial rig ;