Female Face

Here is something I’ve been working on.
I’ve been using the new sculpt mode to tweek the face and to build the hair.


sweet. imho her nose is too pointy. and she has an underbite (but lots of people do).

Thanks Roger. Did some more work in sculpt mode. Hope the nose looks a little better.


gives us your ref… if your using one and also some more angles that one is kind of tricky not being a true side profile.

Here is a front render of my model. Also attached are the front and side refs that I used. C&C welcome.


The first thing you should really work on is the general shape of the face. Her face is much rounder The roundness is what gives the observer the first tip off that its a female’s head. The more narrow the head is the more masculine it will start to appear. To give you a good start on making the face more round you need to “squash” the face from the eyes down. The eyes should be in the middle of the head so the bottom of the face is much too long. Once you got that done and feel you can’t get the shape any better gives us another screen.

It would kind of be a waste of time to work on the feature of the face if the face doesn’t have a good starting shape.

make sure your giving us orth screen graps not perspective. Won’t be able to help much if they are perspective because your face could have the roundness already down but the perspective is making it appear narrower.

You’re starting to get it, the latter images are a lot better than your first, however you still have much work to be done. Reference images can be very useful for getting your basic shape down, but afterwards, turn on the perspective view and start tweaking your head in 3d. Don’t concern yourself too much with the technical details right now, like your mesh topology, focus on the shape, and really try to nail it. It’s just like sculpting. Once you get your shape , then you can always remake a properly structured mesh using the retopo tools, which is very useful. For example, I can sculpt something from a high poly multires cube, then go over that shape with the retopo tools and create a low poly mesh, that keeps the same shape.