Female Fantasie Head

Hello, i finally finished another project between another project… =D

Anyways the concept is form the Nvidia Studio Youtube channel (here is the link)

The concept is made by Ahmed Aldoori and i liked it so much that i had to translate it into 3D. First time i worked from a concept.

More images on Artstation

I hope you like it and it would be awesome if you could drop a comment.

Have a great day.


I think you did an awesome job modeling her :fire:but her skin looks too perfect. Some imperfections and wrinkles or asymmetrical emotions like lifting one eye brown up or something would give the render a more realistic look. The background looks great though. And maybe you could change the lighting on her for more character in the render with more shadows/contrast.

But this is just my opinion, maybe it helps you :wink:

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I like her a lot! She has personality and you definitely captured the stern look from the original concept art.

In my opinion the face paint looks strange: it’s texture is so much like her skin that it allmost looks like part of her skin. Maybe some subtle changes in texture noise, roughness or bump can accentuate it? Or a more frayed, brushed look towards its border?

Her glaze has captured me :slight_smile:

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Yes i think thats a big part of what i can improve. Its the first time is used asymmetrical sculpting to be honest because its quite a hassle in blender.

Light is a good point to match the original. I need to look up how that contrast look is possible in blender, i was not able to do it.

Thank you for the comment. It helps a lot.

Ou thank you!

Might need to give the paint some bump, it is currently just flat on top. Its hand painted with a fuzzy brush.

Appreciate the comment!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you for the feature! That looks so cool on the website!

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