Female knight templar

:eyebrowlift: hope you like it…

Face texture is courtesy of BlackBoe (I can never thanks him enough !)

And now… I have to learn ANIMASHUN !

EDIT : @Wereaser How could I forget to mention Hellgate: London and Flagship Studios :)… Yup, I really dig the concept of armored knight in a modern world :smiley:


Wow, looks great, is it rigged?

:stuck_out_tongue: Only a very basic skeleton with no IK for now…

:no: I had a much more complex rig before, but it seemed I f*scked up from the beginning by not applying transform and rotation…

:mad: I intend to dissect ManCandy and extract all infos I can on him…

:o After I finished with him, it will not be a pretty sight

Looks awesome. Waiting for an animation. Hope you have a renderfarm or lots of time. :slight_smile:

Great textures and great concept, you got any conept art, wires or early sketches that I can drool over? I really love her silouette too. Reminds me a little bit of the starcraft ghost.

You’ve been drooling on Hellgate: London art, haven’t you? :smiley: I see clear inspiration here.

Looking really good, although I can’t help but to ask why her hip is so exposed? There’s no armor in that area. :wink: Nice butt though.

Hi there!!

How did you make the hair ? I’m modeling a heroine in Japanese style and I have liked very much this hair style of yours.



Great character. She needs a scene though. Get her doing something and this will be 10 times more awesome than it already is.


I band with BgDM here, she does need a scene, now she’s just great characer missing something.

But yeah, lovely detailing, good luck with animating her.

She looks great (no, I’m not talking about the part I did. :P), and yes, she should be in a scene, but I’ll say it again, the lights definitely need to cast shadows, a character of that detail really needs the extra depth provided by them.

^_^" I really need to look deeper at Blender lighting system…

And building a scene in 3D takes much more time than on any media I think :slight_smile:

But yeah… I need a setting for animation…

Maybe something like this (from Constantine… would look perfectly like London… In 2038…)


Very good modeling and texturing!!!

I agree with Wereaser. This is something that is good to be added. Also I agree she have great body :yes:
Is it possible to see wires?

I regret that I have but five stars to give to such an outstanding creation. Wonderful work.

Great works :o
God model and texture.
Very impressive

Ooo, nice! I agree she definitely needs a scene made for her.:smiley:
As far as giving her more armor, yes it would be more practical if she were real. However, since she is not real, I think she looks better exposed around that area. (Probably why a lot of fantasy characters have a lot of armor everywhere, but little or none in the area you have exposed.)

looks great! the face looks like aLinda Bergkvist painting. awesome detail on the body/armor!
now go make a scene that does it justice.

i would still stab her in the liver, or the stomach, or up into the heart. the armor if fasionable, but not functional, like nazi afrika corps uniforms.
it looks like she has a jet pack and i would surely want at least my ass protected from the heat. personally i would take my shoulder armor and strap it to my hips.

looks great though, make her dance, fight, or make bacon or somthing. it would be even cooler that way.

(p.s. high heels? ouch…)

Aha, I should have seen this one coming.

While yes–hey–a short-cut, high escarcela on each hip would not detract from the form particularly, etc, it must be admitted, in the sake of fairness that:

  • This is fantasy,
  • the body-suit could be anything from leather to an extremely dense, tightly woven spider-silk-like polymer, so no-one¹ has any reason to judge–or indeed, has any way of knowing–how protective it might be, and
  • she is far better guarded than probably any number of female warriors–in and out of manga-style–you might find elsewhere on the internet.I must add, though, that–though I have not attempted to gain any experience on the subject, it would probably be unwise to type “bikini armour” or “half-naked warrior babes” onto Google Image Search; or, indeed, to type “world of warcraft females.”
¹Yes, NJROTC, I am talking to you.

wow, you take eveything the wrong way BlackBoe. i was just trying to be productive, everyone knows this is fantasy and no one would really carry this kind of armor into combat.
(spider silk poymer? please… if you got shot a few times in the hips with armor that tight to your body, it would damage all your organs, no matter how dense it is. armor must stand off and be able to distribute the force of impact, it has to almost “catch” the round to be effective. she is exposed at the hips so dont act like you know what your talking about)

im talking to you BlackBoe

You were talking about stabs in your post, not crushing. Also, It’s very hard to explain, but you’ve made me dislike you already in a lot of your other posts, and something about the way you worded stuff didn’t give me the impression you were trying to be particularly helpful. I’m a very cynical person, though, and I might be biased against you already, so I’m prepared to admit I was wrong, if it arises.

Also: http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/node/1389. I’m not pretending to know everything. Maybe I shouldn’t have stated my stuff so deadpan, but I do try to keep some idea of what I’m talking about in the background.