Female Model Head WIP...*UV Mapped Head!!!* :o)

Ok, time to clean up all those other updates… hehe :wink:

Here are some shots with the UV mapped head, custom painted in paint shop pro from a rendering of the head…

Let me know what you think!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Nice :slight_smile:

I find that the forehead bones just over the eyes are a bit too protuding, maybe

Keep it up


Nice work Matt,

The lower jaw line looks a little strong IMHO, but the rest is very good.

Just out of interest, did you use 2 stationary planes or the background image function for your reference pics? Polys or nurbs?


excellent start!

jaw bone goes too far back, it should finish just where the ear starts…

Maybe I should wait till you attach the head, but the neck looks weird…maybe a bit too thick?

Thanks man!!! Yeah, someone mentioned that to me in IRC, and i definatly agree with the both of you, it could be toned down a bit. So its on the “to do” list… :wink:

Thanks for the compliment, and i do agree with the jaw area as well. The side shot from my reference was coverd with hair, so i couldnt really see. I will find more pics of her and try to get her proportions more accurate. :wink:

I used the reference pic in the background of blender, and used Polys. I’ve never used nurbs before for anything other than checking it out.

Thanks man. Yup, the jaw line will definatly be be tweaked to have better proportions. :wink:

It’s very possible that it could be too thick. When i attach the head the neck area i will make sure that all the proportions are proper, or at least as good as i can get… :wink:

Thank you all for replying, and staying interested in this slow going progress. I really appreciate the honesty with your comments as it is my first head and i really want to make it the best that i can.

Also, i would like your guyz oppinion on her hair. See, since her “costume” is white, i wanted to give her white dreadlock type hair, with green eyes and green eyeshadow makup. Do you all think that would look alright?

Anywayz… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Dude! Who’s the babe in the real photo? She is hot man!!

Nice start on the head BTW. Looks really good. Nothing more to add to what has been said already.



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Blend on, and blend well!!!

The point, where the jawbone connects with her ear is far too huge, make it A LOT smaller. Also the webbed thing between her upperlip and nose is little bit deformed.

Those catched my keen little yes, but otherwise she is starting look good.

Update #2… see first post!!! :wink:



Blend on, and blend well!!!

O.k. The point where jaw and ear meet is almost realistic size, maybe make it wee pit smaller. And for other, you should move the beginnig of jaw line more forward, because now her jaw begins from behind her ear.
Jaw starts from the point, where earloaf begins. (I hope you understand what I am trying to say here)

Nose: Make nostrils little bigger.

Otherwise I llike it.

great job.

UV Mapped update, see first post or go to:



Blend on, and blend well!!!

Wow, she’s really handsome ; do you plan to animate her ?


Looking great!!

The head looks really good with the textures, now just great hair and pair of hands and voilá

Thanks Hippie and Serialsiner!!! :wink:

I do have a matrix rip-off type animation in mind, but i will have to see how well i can rig her up first. So hopefully!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

the head is very well modelled, but it looks too masculine somehow. it’s hard to describe exactly what it is, maybe the jaw,eyebrows,forehead… also, the head doesn’t look like it belongs on that body. i think the skin is a different shade, but that could be the lighting or me losing my mind!
and what’s that THING on her head? is it a latex hat? i’ve NEVER seen one of those before, and it just looks a little too weird for me… sort of like the hair you see deppicted on ancient egyptian tombs, but made of shiny plastic…

ok that’s enough rambling for now!

Shiny… plastic- hat? as I keep replying to peoplz… “Scary”

Well, i might be able to try to tweak it a bit, but as i’ve said before this is my first attempt, so it wont be 100% perfect, but im learning… :wink:

The different texture is most likley because of the UV map, i tried to match things up as close as i can, but hopefully it will blend a bit better when i try to paint more details like freckles or dimples. So relax, i dont think your loosing your mind… hehe;)

It’s just a temporary mesh because im having a really hard time with the hair. I just didnt want to post a bald head again so i tossed it in, there was never any intention to keep it.

Well, read above… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!