Female model (nudity warning )

Here is the model I am working on. Pretty happy with the topology and form, but not thrilled with the hair. Fixing to start texturing but wondering if I can make a more animation friendly hair style that remains attractive.


You can try moving the hair’s crease line towards one of the sides to give it a more natural look because hair isn’t perfectly symmetrical. Other than that, the rest of the model looks good (assuming you are going for a non photo-realistic look). Maybe you can also include a wireframe so we can see your topology too. Also, if you put a warning in your title that there’s going to be nudity, it would be a little redundant to put a naked woman as the icon.

I didn’t try to put that icon up, didn’t know it would do that.

Anyways, here are the wires.

make two vertex groups along the middle of the hair you created. create two particle hair systems with density set at the vertex groups and than comb these along the outside of the hairform. i have had a pretty good result dooing so with a demimore haircut from ghost. forgot to mention: do not render the emitter

Here is what I am thinking about for hair. More stray strands though, shorter closer to the hair block.

Some basic texturing. Trying to learn cycles.

Hated the hair on close ups, so I went another direction. Not sure if it would look better as one solid color with no fine hair textures or the way it is. Opinions?