Female model (slight nudity)

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The model came out okay but was not the look that I was trying to go for. I might finish or more likely draw up some better referances and try again…

doesn’t work,
I cannot see the image :frowning:

hehe reread the other post…

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You must copy and paste the link to the address bar :wink:

anyway, good job for a low poly caracther!

I really di not intend for it to be a low-poly mesh things just went that way because I was working with the mesh smoothed. The polycount would probibly go up quite a bit once I added thing such as hand, feet, and a head. I am trying to decide if I should continue this model or start a new one. There are some anatomy issues, mainly in the arms, that need to be dealt with, but I can’t decide if it is worth it…

good work keeping the poly count down. can we see a “set smooth” version? the knees looked a little too big. and I didn’t like the breasts either, but that’s pretty subjective, y’know :wink:

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Here is a smooth shaded version set to 2. The knees are a little off as well as the breasts, but I feel that little things such as that give it some character… if I can figure out a way to make some hands I might finish it and get to look how I intended I might finish it…

Here is a pic i drew to use as a referance:
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it is not that good of a drawing but was enough for me…

I believe the legs are too long, also the breast are too far out, move top of them closer together.

Mmmm… I like long legs :wink: but there are other issues.

Low belly has a funny bulge (I’m speaking of the ‘smooth’ i.e. subsurfed version… why haven’t you pressed the 'Set Smooth button btw?)

Belly button?

Chest should look like there is a rib cage somewhere.

Tits are very spaced, thin and long. Should be shorter (i.e. less protuding) & fatter (i.e. larger) & less spaced.

Arms & Legs will be commented another time :wink:

Keep blending


I feel that the breasts are fine, although I did not intend for them to be that perky I think that they fit the model quite well. I did try to move them alittle to reduce perkyness and give them a fatter look in the front view but did not like the results so I left them how they were. As for other deatails such as rib cage and a belly button I was going to add them once I converted it to a high-poly mesh, but I decided to scrap this model since it did not avhive the intended look. If I manage to draw up some new referances I might post a new one later…

Sure, that’s your model :wink:

In any case I don’t see the point of ‘converting’ to high poly. I warmly recomend you to use the minimum verices required and keep the SubSurf button on.


hey nice job :wink:


whoa. her boobs are like, a mile apart. thats not normal. :frowning: