Female (nudity) WIP

I could use some serious C&C on this. This will end up being sculpted and turned into a normal/spec/diffuse map game character.

Thanks in advance!

Could really use some quality feedback on this. Should I re-post in the focused critique section?

Very nice modeling I’d say. I cannot give you much critz, as I myself suck at body modeing. 1 thing that could be improved is the shoulders and arms: add omethikness I’d sy. :wink:

looks great to me, though sadly I’m no expert to give you critiques

I am just getting into body modeling myself, but from what I can see is that the hips look the same width as the shoulders which is not normal, only extremely obese people have hips as wide as their shoulders and this model is clearly not extremely obese.

If it is the style you are looking for then it is awesome and a really good style if you can match the head, feet and hands. If you are looking for more of realistic look then make the hips just a little wider than the width of the rib cage instead of the width shoulders. Also if the legs are that wide then the arms would also be wider.

The modeling looks very nice and I really like the flow, except for the circle right above the buttock because that looks like it would be a pain to adjust things around.

I like the shoulder blades, breasts and general edgeflow.
I would prefer the hips to be narrower and the abdominals more pronounced, but maybe that’s more a matter of personal taste.
I would make the transition from the legs to the buttocks a bit softer at the sides.

elbows need to be a little wider. Arms a touch skinny for rest of model, and also shoulders too small. Calves need more shap[e.

Good topol and model though

this is not true. hip width is defined by the bone. any fat can stick out further, but it just blobs out around the hipbone, which is still visable.
most women actually have wider hipbones then shoulders. only extremely athletic builds have shoulders wider.

not to be an arse but proportion hardly matters at all, as this is intended to be a basemesh which means he will be sculpting on it. So topology and neatness/readability are the only things that count if I’m not mistaken

I think you have a very good start here. Overall proportions are quite good, and the forms are well-modeled. Some details you might want to pay closer attention to:

As mentioned, the arms & shoulders look a bit thin, particularly from the front 3/4 view, given the generous figure she has;

Breast sit just a tad too far out to the sides of the ribs, though there is lots of variation in this regard;

The bottom of the gluteus masses droop just a bit too much, think about redistributing the volume so the profile is more spherical and less tear-drop.

Upper abs are a bit thin & the belly a bit poochy, but again, this is well within normal human variation;

The flare of the hip bones (pelvic crests) looks just a little too low and wide, and it doesn’t usually fall at the widest part of the hips, the thighs flare out a bit farther from this point due to the usual distribution of fat on females.

RE: width of shoulder and hips: That shown here is the classic proportion cited in many, many sources on human form, up until the latter part of the 20th century when stick-figure models like Twiggy started making ultra-slim and boney more popular. The rise of cultural athleticism (i.e., gym memberships) contributed even further to the slimming of the popular notion of female form.

Take a look at classical nudes from times past and in the majority of cases, width of shoulders and hips are very comparable.

I’ve taken all of your critiques into account and have updated the mesh.




It’s based on this reference image:


Of course I am going from my knowledge of human anatomy where the hips are rarely wider than the shoulders, see attached female skeleton. Of all the women I see and have seen the shoulders are wider than the hips (even if is only by a little bit). Fat does blob out a little bit and most of the time the pelvic bones influence is still very visible. But in cases of extreme obesity, the fat has no where else to go and changes the general shape of the skin.

I was not talking about the over exaggerated hips of the classical view, nor was I talking about the under exaggerated dimensions of the emaciated models that unfortunately make a large presence in the media today. I was talking about realistic proportions, like the reference image. See the attached images with the lines to show that the hips are not as wide as the shoulders. Clearly the reference images show a female that is not under weight, in fact it looks like she is healthy. You can look at all sorts of women and see that the shoulders are almost always wider than the hips.

I gave my opinion that I think the model looked good the way the dimensions were. But if a more realistic model was wanted, then the hips should not be as wide as the shoulders, at least from the front view.

So my opinion stands, it looks good right now, but if you are going to try and match it up with the reference image, then make the hips a little thinner from the front (or the shoulder a little bit wider), the thighs a little bit wider, bring the lower back out a little bit and the top of the abdomen out a little more.


The main point is that cultural preferences are mutable, and that the proportions of one era, though quite realistic and seen in many individuals in most any time period, are not what is considered appealing in another era. The classical nudes of Boticelli, Titian, and many other artists, well into the 20th century, were voluptuous but by no means exaggerated, that’s how the “ideal” female of the time looked; today we’d consider them overweight but that’s only because cultural preferences, as well as dietary and exercise habits, have changed pretty drastically. Even such relatively modern femme idols as Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell would be considered near overweight by today’s much leaner and athletic standards.

BTW, width of the pelvic girdle has little to do with overall hip width, which is determined much more by distribution of fat in the lower hips and upper thighs. One reason today’s “ideal” woman tends to be leaner in the hips is because the ideal muscle-fat ratio has become much leaner, leading to a slimmer contour at the widest part of the hips.

So to say as you first did, Davin, that only extremely obese females have hips as wide as their shoulders is not at all accurate, there’s a large range of variation in human form, and narrow shoulders plus wide hips do not demand obesity as a necessary condition to produce them.

Nice model. I personally think the proportions are alright the are within the realm of the possible so the will define the character well it take her out of the realm of the generic.

my only concern is that you have not modeled any localized detail into your topology, anyless you sculpt a normal map into this defining some detail will be hard, take you arm as an example it just simple extrusions it could be hard to tweak it to show how the different muscles flow into each other.

hey davin; hope I didnt sound upset there;
if that skeketon is actually a girls, I guess you’re right and they taught me wrong in anathomy class. I didnt know the ref was such a skinny asian girl by the way.
with what you have now, Dim, I think this would have been closer to your ref:

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that tough… just what kind of woman body you’re modelling :wink:

You are going well with your model. With the added modifications, it looks very good. Of course, your model being quite low resolution keeps you from adding finer anatomical details.

There is one area where I feel needs further adjustment, The flank from the base of the ribs down to the hips collar seems to start a little too high to me and flares down in a too regular way. To my eye, it is the part that seems more “modeled” than any other part. The regular concave curve looks too smooth and geometrically perfect if you see what I mean. Keep the curve going inward a little lower than the last rib bones and then descend and flare but the attachment to the collar bone should curve outward a bit.

IMO, the proportions between the hips and the shoulder are very good and don’t need to be changed. That looks very realistic and appealing to me.

I’ve taken the hip comments into account, and here’s what I’ve come up with. I think I accidentally idealized it a bit by emphasizing the roundness. Hopefully this is better. I’ll continue working on the torso issue that ypoissant mentioned, because, now that I see it, it looks a bit awful. Should I keep going and reduce hips size a tad more? Or is this sufficient?


As to being able to define the muscle shapes: this will, as I said in my first post, end up being a sculpt that will then become a game ready character. During the sculpting phase I will add much of that detail. For now, I want to keep it fairly simple so that I have a lot more options down the road.

Thanks immensely for the C&C by the way, it’s incredibly helpful.

Edit: Hopefully this has fixed much of my unnatural roundness.


There was nothing wrong with the proportions you had (except now I see that just by making the arms not as skinny it looked much better). If you want to idealize the roundness then do so. The reference image is just supposed to help get the general shape and maybe some finer details of the flow from muscles and the effects the bones have to the shape.

The model you had was very excellent and I am sorry for making such a big deal about other peoples c&c on my posts that clearly do not belong in your thread. I have been working on adjusting myself to be more perceptive of the emotions that I have as well as the emotions other people are trying to express. That does not excuse my actions, it is just the biggest part of the reasons I did them. There is no wrong as long as you don’t compromise your ideals just because someone else has different ideals. Just take what any one says as a suggestion and then decide how much of each you will take that helps you reach your vision of what the model is supposed to look like.

Thanks for saying that Davin. I took what you said into account because I’m not trying to idealize her, but make her actually pretty realistic, so I appreciate that. I also appreciate the discussion, because I’m pretty new to this and am just learning, so all of this discussion is very good for me. So no worries, it was a pretty civilized debate anyways. : P

Added a couple of video turnabouts.


and the wires:


They should be processed shortly.