female poly + VRAY

This is my 3rd model I need some C&C. thanks!


What I can see looks good so far.
Can you provide us with a lighter render so we can see the model better. Also some wires would be good if you want c&C on the modelling.
Is this for animation or a still image?


Nice, i think you need to work on the eyes, everytime we look at people, eyes draw us. Yeah, work on the eyes and brow. The brow should be a bit forward than the eyelids, if you’re going for a character that’ll look more closer to real life but for cartoony it might work (i think) and watch those edges that form the eyelids/eyebags: towards the corners of the eyes, the lines should thin out .The lids should become thinner at the corners.

All this is not cast in stone.

Dude, i admire that you’ve gotten this far. its great work.