Female WIP

(Zion3D) #1

Here’s a female, I’ve worked on it for quite some time now… Hope you like it


Please tell me what you think of her.

(Switchblade) #2

She’s quite nice :wink: You model organics well, can you give us some tips on how you did it? Esp. the hips, they are nice!


(Zion3D) #3


I have one tip/requirement for it, buy a anatomy book(did I write that right?).
And then practise faces for a while and then start on a body… :slight_smile:

And thanks, I like the hips too :slight_smile:
Here’s a pic of her face:

(rndrdbrian) #4

Looks nice. One thing though,
the shoulders , upper arms look rather thin.

Could we see a side or 3/4 view?


(sten) #5

Looks very nice going…I myself have also borrowed anatomy books from my library “Anatomy for the artist” …

but one thing looks a bit strange…the legs looks kind of weird…maybe move them outwards makes them look better…


(Zion3D) #6

Well… I set the feet further from eachother, and tried to make some arms, the thing I really suck in :frowning:

And I know the knees are something like the worst there is…

And here is are 3 new pics

Hope you like her