Femme Fatale

A few observations:

(1) The second image is no-good because it places femme’s face in a partial shadow. She is the star of the moment, therefore her face must be completely without shadow.

(2) Right now, the gun is slightly “soft,” especially around her hand … and, her hand is soft, too. “Absolutely not.” The outline of the gun (esp. around the hammer area and the palm-side of the handgrip) must be sharp. (A slight edge-defining highlight might also be needed to delineate the hammer area (“two o’clock”) from its surroundings.

(3) The slash of sunlight across her palm is good, and it is critical. Look for ways to create diagonal lines converging, especially, upon that palm. “That palm” is symbolic of everything that she is demanding.

(4) It’s fine (this is “a toon” …) that the weapon is out-of-proportion in size. But the handgrip of that weapon needs to be consistent with the rest of it, and right now IMHO it isn’t. I’d slide the entire trigger assembly slightly down toward the muzzle so as to make the handgrip slightly thicker, and adjust her hand-grip accordingly. Don’t move the position of the muzzle relative to the top-left corner of the frame, or to the victim’s shadow: instead, tweak everything else.

(5) I suggest that a very slight “boundary-defining shadow” might be needed between her hair and the screen. Although the screen is of a different color, it is of very nearly the same intensity.

(6) “The crop” in post #16 is IMHO an excellent one: notice how stronger it makes the impact of the image! “The impact of the piece” exists between the muzzle, in upper-left, and the palm, (now) in lower-right. We don’t need a single thing below the top of that tabletop … and we never did. The gun is extending menacingly above the first “rule of thirds” line … her eyes are squarely on another “thirds” line … and her demand, her outstretched palm, is squarely on another.

Now, and without further ado: “Off to The Gallery with you!”

Looks fantastic. The only thing I would recommend to try differently is the size of the gun. It looks futuristic to me.

Actually I am also like the idea of adding shadows, it could better explain the character.

Thanks for your feedback!!
I really do agree with point 2 & 5! There are little tweaks to the lighting that I could have done to help the overall image. Though they are small, if I would have paid more attention to those details the end result would be even better. Especially with the window.

Point 4 is also interesting because regarding the weapon I purely looked at the stylized shapes of the concept artist and didn’t look much at actual real life pistols for realism. I thought it looked good and left it as it is.
I’ll search for more references the next time :wink:

I hate you… You sculpted that hair… Meanwhile I’m trying to make a similar hair style, sculpting, and quite honestly, the default cube is much prettier…
LOL! Wonderful work tho, and kudos on the double feature! :wink:

Thanks! XDDD

I’m experimenting with more realistic hair sculpting and found some great references/tutorials!
If it helps you here are some links :wink:

-> http://www.3dtotal.com/interview/780-10-top-tips-for-sculpted-hair-in-zbrush-by-james-w-cain
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3E1uZTbT9k&index=5
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbcFmK5ih6Y
-> https://vimeo.com/144123383
-> https://de.pinterest.com/julienkaspar/hair-fur/

Don’t give up!!! :smiley:
Eventually it’ll look better than the default cube :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you please post a picture of material_nodes/compositing_nodes or a tutorial how you did the textures and lighting, the style looks really good and I want to learn how to do that too! Also the image looks almost exactly like the original (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/R5ZmO) which is really amazing.

I don’t want my critiques to sound too harsh. This is, to a certain extent, “toon” style. The weapon should be “bigger than life,” and “out of poportion.” I only offer comment. It’s a damn good image.

This is outstanding work! looks fantastic!

nice comic style in many ways!

Don’t worry :smiley: It’s good constructive ctiticism!

Here are links to a tutorial and another artwork I did recently where I explain my process :wink:
-> http://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/2166-leonard-edgar-making-photoshop-blender-zbrush-by-julien-kaspar-character
-> https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?405023-Miss-Seagull&p=3088903&viewfull=1#post3088903

Great Work! Keep creating :slight_smile:

Love the mood and atmosphere!

Wow! Wish I could do that! It’s just perfect!

Niceeee!!! :slight_smile: 5*

Well, it seems, agent327 was seriously trapped =)

she is pretty hot!

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Here’s what my initial reaction was: “Wow! I want to see her in her own animated series! She’s magnificent, smart and sassy”

I’m in awe of this image. Well done.

Saw this from 3D Total on Tumblr. Congrats, and nice work

Amazing work and kudos. LOOKING GOOD!