Femmebot With Mic

Hello all. This image was produced for a magazine publisher’s print ad campaign to promote an event.

The deadline was very tight and the final image was accomplished in the course of a day. This was the third model submitted to the editor. All of the models were modeled from scratch. (Insanity I know but I am quite insane.) Our client was a difficult one who did not know what he or she wanted. The results after three days (and multiple payments) was this “femmebot” which was one of two renders. They had to be quite big to accommodate a poster size. An added complication was the multiple poses required for the campaign. I couldn’t get away with fixing everything in post. I had to rig and render two poses. This render is straight out of Blender. The color corrections were accomplished by using Blender’s Compositor.

There are numerous problems with the model and the render, but being a working artist, I do not have the luxury to correct or modify this older work. I’d rather let it be with all its flaws so it can be a reminder of what I have to do to do better in the future.
Thanks for viewing.

not bad at all in a short timespan dude.

wow, shes so pretty and shiny. she mustve taken forever to render for a poster sized resolution, esp with the multiple env maps >.< well done!!!

Man! That’s just perfect! The red parts give a great different look.

I love it - looks like airbrush painting.

It’s probably a trick of perspective but her left foot looks really fat compared to the other foot.

Pretty great piccture i rekon.

It’s like a sexy version of Daft Punk.

Looks like its made perfect for a poster (and the prints you are using them for)! Really like the helmet and details there.

Crazy deadline, congrats for pumping it out so nice!

I’m instantly reminded of the Bride of Pinbot…


Fantastic work! Especially with the limited time allotted.

The feet are too small, and the left(pointed) foot is differently shaped than the right(round) one.

Other than that, she’s sexy.

Very nice. Reminds me of the work of sexy robot by Japanese artist Hajimi Sorayama.

@FreakyDude - Thanks!
@Holly - The rendering was pretty acceptable. I didn’t use environment maps, I got a nicely contrasted landscape and projected it on a sphere to sort of simulate the effect. I didn’t even think to use that capability. :slight_smile: Thanks!
@pauloup - Thanks!
@fugas - Thanks!
@rufas - The feet are symmetrical. But they are different from the inside of the legs to the outside of the leg.
@TheAnimal - Thanks!
@Anayo - Thanks! I like the band’s songs (Daft Punk). But I’ve never seen any of their imagery.
@LohnS - Thanks!
@ScornDefeat - I had to google Pin*bot, thanks glad you liked it!
@elam - The feet are actually symmetrical, just the perspective interfering. Though the parts of the feet facing inward are different from the smoother outside of the feet facing outwards. Thanks I was going for sexy, and I like small feet :slight_smile: .
@simpo - Actually my client had lots of references of Sorayama’s Sexy Robots. The femmebot poster was inspired by them. Thanks, glad you liked it.

I’ve a few more renders of the Femmebot here, straight from Blender.


She turned out really well. She’s the fourth iteration, I just wished that I had more time to modify her. Thanks all for the comments.

If anyone’s interested this is the third rejected Femmebot… She turned out pretty okay too, very cartoony and lively.


Thanks for viewing…

Hey, she looks great as well.
All you need is a bassist and drummer to complete the band. :stuck_out_tongue:

[picard]Make it so.[/picard]

Great models, excellent work. Only remark would be feet on the first model (there should be left and right foot ;-)).

Some wireframes, please!

well done job in such a timespan !

and you get pretty good deformations too. what’s your rigging workflow if I might be so bold to ask?

I’m impressed. I don’t think many of us here would have been able to deliver such a piece in a day. Nice and classy renders too.

@ScornDefeat - Thanks, the guitarnoid (guitar femmebot) did end up being unused. But the client liked the guitar idea so they went with the Femmebot with a guitar for the final.

@ristesekuloski - Thanks, I loved your Einstein Dwarf by the way, great work! Here is a wireframe shot. This was modeled atypically, I use a lost wax casting-like process where I refined high resolution sculpts and used retopo to get a very low polygon mesh with enough proper topology to get good deformations. I really skimped on modeling really good hands and feet, I just had enough time to get a good head, torso and leg sculpt. Eventually they ended up just using a large render of the upper body.


@Harry Beaver - Thanks! I just wished I had more time to do a better job. I wanted to add a lot more details and a better sculpt.

@FreakyDude - For deformations I mostly rely on good topology and armature placement. You can see that the rig is pretty simple, I also use a lot of “hold bones” to pin certain areas of the mesh to assist deformation, you can see this on the torso and the head. I use a “copy rotation” constraint on the hold bones if necessary, with a .5 influence more or less to aid in deformation. I love Blender’s quaternion influence and bone heat options these tools are incredible for the rigger and it just works out of the box. I did no weight painting at all. Here’s the rig:


@BbB - Thanks! I tried to do the best I can given the limited time. I was pleased with the final result, but a little sad that I couldn’t do as much as I wanted to :frowning: .