I was just wondering if there are (and if so, how many) fencers around here and what weapon you fence. If you didn’t understand that, then you probably aren’t one. I mean the Olympic sport of fencing. Where I live, fencing means posts and barb wire. I’m probably not making sense right now and I apologize, I’ve had a really hard day with a bunch of work and school.

I wish I was a fencer, but it isn’t something that anyone does in my area.

If your listed location is correct (I hope it isn’t bad manners to refer to someone’s location), Michigan, there is actually a decent size fencing community, google them maybe. I know there are a lot in Ohio.

The only fencing I see is on TV and the Olympics…which is on TV. But it looks interesting.
Does it hurt? haha

I fence allsorts of weapons. Mostly katanas and .33 pistols.
I even fence car stereos sometimes…

Disclaimer: The above post is made in jest. I am in no way involved or implicated in dealing in stolen goods.

I fenced foil a bit in the 80s, and my son fences epee currently at a club in Baltimore.

@shadowbane, check out the US Fencing website: http://www.usfencing.org/

Fencing is a great sport. Action, focus, strategy, and a great workout. I remember my first few sessions, lordy my quads burned! And I rode bicycles constantly back on those days so my legs were in decent shape.

I wouldn’t brag about this, fences are criminals.

I was not aware of that usage of the word. I primarily fence epee, occassionally a bit of foil.

The best fencing weapon is the fence itself.