Fender Strat

Been modelling this for the cover of a CD my old man is busy putting together…not to sure about the background yet! Wanted the body to look old and have character but with new hardwear, neck etc…you know vintage heritage but now looked after! Have not been too bothered with lighting etc yet. Any c&c welcome as well as suggestions about background and lighting.



it looks pretty good! :slight_smile:

my only recommendation is this - there wouldn’t be any gloss finish where the paint has worn down to the wood. try controlling the specular attribute with a texture map.

Will give it a bash…good point! Thanks

about the lighting, if you have some time you could render it in yafaray to make it look as convincing as possible. (unless you can’t get yafaray to work)
make sure you have a good environment for the shiny new parts to reflect :slight_smile:

I don’t know enough about yafaray…i’ve got it but have not really used it yet! I think i’m going to have it standing against a vintage looking amp…

Here i’ve fixed the spec by using a spec map and am starting to play with the enviro. reflections.


This is the amp i’m busy working on to go in the scene with the guitar…any ideas why the UV mapped writing on the control panel is all messed up? It looks perfect in the UV window and the texture is mapped to UV…Why oh why???


Writing looks fine to me…

Its meant to go right to the edges and the white you see on either side of it is a ‘stretched repeat’ of the the writing…

Nice work.

Having owned an old guitar of similar vintage, a '57 P Bass, I’d recommend adding some nicks and small gouges into the wood where the guitar has fallen over or been mishandled. Also you might want to add some damage to the pick guard just below where you would be strumming to simulate the damage caused by 100,000 strokes where the pick stopped at the pick guard. Not quite like Willie Nelson’s guitar, but in that vein.

And the body can be shiny or dull. The wood would be just as shiny as the paint. It all depends on whether the owner waxed it frequently or just let it be.

Thank…i will see what i can do…i had it in mind to add some more details like you suggested. Here is an update on the amp.