Feng Zhu Desert Bike Raider

Hi All,

Thought I’d post my latest work here as the base mesh was all done in blender, from blender the mesh went through max to add smoothing groups for zbrush where all the sculpting and some polypainting was done. Finally the piece was composited in photoshop based on a method described here. It’s based fo a Feng Zhu concept piece and the main wip is on cgcoach here.



I love the texturing! That thing looks fun to ride :smiley: It would be even more awesome to see some smoke coming from those pipes! Good job!

Just wondering, which end is the front?

@Robo3Dguy: Thanks :slight_smile: The smaller side is the front (at least I think so ;)) Yeah some smoke out the exhaust would be cool but I’m spent on this one for the moment, maybe if I come back to it one day… Check out the method I followed for the composition here, it’s an interesting method that takes a very different approach to texturing when producing illustrations.

At the first…I dont like Zbrush…my fail…but…I dont…but your stuff is realy clean and profi…CGsociety.org is for your graphic better solution like this…I like your graphic result

for understanding:,I dont like Zbrush" / I start to be really tired from detailfull , hard to read compositions… Less is more…and I like light easily and uplifting graphics…my last stuff in Finished works - Lover seat…

Looks like a really nice illustration. Good work.

Very, very good . There is a story in this one. Your use of multiple apps to realize your vision is spot on. I will use Blender, Rhino, Bryce, Photoshop, Poser, Sketchup, AutoCAD, whatever, if that particular application helps me to accomplish the work.

You do realize, that the second you put that thing in sand it gets stuck on the front wheel? Last time i walked on dunes they were rather soft, and that… spoiler? On the front wheel would just dig into the sand.

@HANGAR: Thanks very much man, your lovers seat work is cool btw.

@bigbad: Awesome, thanks man.

@callmeishmael: Yeah building a pipeline is always fun.

@bl33d: For sure, it was a bit of an issue during the modelling phase and I decided to stick to the concept despite the problem you pointed out, I suppose technically the biike could change the angle by rotating the joint between the front and rear sections, or deserts where it comes from could be made from very very flat rock :smiley:

Here’s the concept so you can see what I mean:


ps and here’s a link to the wip on this forum

Amazing work here.!!!
To tell the truth, I prefer the wip renders, most of all I prefer, no, I love the concept drawing. I know very well the zb render compositing method. I don’t like zb render anyway, no volumes no raytracing, just illustration style lines and colors. And a funny AO. Now, you dont need this, the drawing is superb.
To use many apps in your workflow is really good BTW, you have to.
BTW I understand why you like the zb renders. They look sharp. In Zb render there isn’t any interpolation function. So don’t use interpolation in any renderer just double the resolution.

@michalis: Just to make it clear the concept is done by Feng Zhu of FZD. That’s probably why you love it, he is the grand master of concept art, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love his art. My past time is creating 3d interpretations of his concept work.

As for zbrush rendering, you’re right re shadows which are lacking in my image. I did do the double res trick, so the original was 3360x2010 or something like that :slight_smile: As for AO, zbrush 3.5 has fixed that, so the quality is a lot better. But this piece was done in zbrush 3.1 so still wierd AO.