Fennec Fox

This is brilliant! Congrats!

Realistic render, fabulous :clap::clap::clap:

this is so cute and amazing!

Absolutely amazing.
Both in superb technical skill. And the beauty of the subject. Love it. :+1::fox_face::smiley:

Lovely dude! PS this could also be sculpted in BLender i guess, base shape isnt that detailed.

PS dont use the GOB addon?

Looking at the full res, i did noticed the hairs are quite thick. Especially around the tail, but perhaps that normal for this fella :slight_smile:

Fluffy perfection.
Also, to those saying the hairs are too thick, it’s important to remember this guy is barely bigger than a Coke can.
I do wonder why he has the reflection of a window in his eye though…

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Real great work!!!
How much time did you spend on this awesome masterpiece?

knew it! did you see my post, @bartv?

Can’t be sure - we scout the forum every day for good new work. But it certainly doesn’t hurt! :slight_smile:

wow amazing work

You were featured in the ‘Best of Blender Artists 2019’ on BlenderNation, and received the ‘Best of 2019’ badge on Blender Artists :clap:

Thank you so much for your contribution, and have a great 2020!