Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox done for #SculptItYourself challenge by Rafael Grassetti
Done in Zbrush and Blender



Nice job! Real cute. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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this is beautiful !!!

nice looking fur , :+1:

Beautiful animal, great job.

Beautiful render all around. Awesome job! Love the sss on the ears gives it a great touch

Thank you soo much guys.
Having used the other grooming tools I feel blender still has to upgrade to new stuff.
But yeah the current tools are descent enough to get the job done.
Lets hope they hire a developer for improving the groom tools.


Beautiful picture!, love the fur! and the warm rim light :slight_smile:

it’s really really nice ! just for the rock: we immediatly see that it’s fake, a photoscanned model would have been just top notch

Awesome Fox! Could you share your fur options or your fur shader?

Beautiful work kudos!

I can’t believe that isn’t a photo.

The image is about perfect, so there’s nothing I can say that might improve it. Very cute.

Awesome! As someone who recently tried to make something similar in Blender I can really appreciate all efforts and talent put into this piece of art. Bravo!

Awesome job, thanks for sharing.

you need to be featured!

Heyy its the new principle hai bsdf shader…
Nothing special here… The default settings work fine

Hmm…Haven’t really used it all that much yet.

And is it only one particle system or several?

Lovely render of a beautiful animal. Thx for sharing!

You’re #featured! :+1:

This guy is adorable! Did you draw the final part of the tail with squiggles? What’s the ghosting at the little guy’s right ear?