Ferrari 360

I was inspired by traitors thread and decided to make this car in my free free time. I have worked all day on it pretty much, well about 5 hours. I am working on getting the edges and everything right in the front and working on the door section. No fancy renders yet but there are wires, so enjoy :smiley:

Crit away infact rip it apart!

Heres another update

Wow, you are fast !

As far as the model I must say that this is one of the finest
car models I’ve seen on elysiun.

Just keep working on it and you should have a hit.

Great modelling so far. From what I know about the car, it looks bang on to me. No crits yet.

Keep up the good work.


:smiley: Thanks guys!

I did more work on the back and have the back pretty much finished up, I just have to tweak some more areas. I am going to do the tires next and then the windows and lights probably. I havent done high poly tires like this before so that might go slow or look sloppy or something…

edit* wrong pic

First off let me just say thats an awesome modeling job you have done there.
I just have one small crit. Just above the holes for the exaust there should be a kind of step. I added an image of it for you.

Again excellent work man.

-maniac 4 hire

Thankyou Maniac4hire!

I see where you are talking about and I have thusly corrected the wrong of which I made. Found another prob with the back and fixed it, whoever finds out what it was…wins!

nice work, but both taillights should be round and it needs the indent where the licence plate goes

Yeah the tailights are going to be round but the actual body is cut and then goes in and scales in. The body parts are not round, but the taillights are…you will see soon :slight_smile: Hopefully that made some sense.

wow, very nice! far superior to my effort!

great job


yeah i see what you are saying, my mistake

this is looking verry tight bro cant wait to see this one move.

No problem man, just glad to help :wink:

Keep up the good work.

-maniac 4 hire

It looks like the clay model they do when they design the car. Awesome :smiley:

Yeah I personally like the clay look, even though some people really dislike it. I think the final render will be done with this…see what I can do with it :smiley:

I didnt really have to much time to work on this today, had to start a police car for a project so worked on that, but this is what I have for yall.
Ok I spent all night trying to figure out how to do the tires easily and traitor you once again enlightened me haha. This is what I have for now, I will probably end up changing the tread pattern later once I decide on what I want. The tire is 60000 polys so the next tire needs to be a wee bit lower. And do you guys think I need less treads, it seems to be alot of them. Oh yeah and the window I added, that was a pain for some reason.

stunning…it’s not constructive I know (it’s like early morning here so I can’t be constructive for several hours yet). So all I say is stunnning :slight_smile: .

Haha thanks litterate, I saved this update for tonite so you can be constructive :smiley:

Redid the tires and Started on the rims, they are pretty much done just have to do the back section. I will get a render with the wheels on an angle, just that I am on the run so I cant do that now.

Render is alot brighter, tell me if you like this one or the original ones better. I think it has to go down a little bit…

Crit away!

Looks great man. Cant wait to see this one finished.


The first version only took you five hours? :o

How did you get that render too look like that. Is this AO ? Very nice modelling! Can’t wait to see it completed, and with textures.