Ferrari 458 Italia (revised!)

Here’s something I’ve been working on for some hours now. Decided to model this beauty and make it into a carviz animation after completion.
The main body is unsmoothed, which means I haven’t added the sharpening loops and searched for pinches and akward greases yet.
I’m doing my best to focus on 100% modeling first and only then I’ll jump into textures, materials etc. I don’t want to get put off from completing it, when I see unfinished model with some crappy carpaint applied :slight_smile:
Comments/critiques are greatly welcomed!

Looking great so far! The mesh is nice and smooth :RocknRoll:

Did you use an array modifier for the grille thingy at the exhaust area?

Thanks. Yeah I used an array there. At first I made a grill which had 30k faces and then re-did it with around 500 faces, same result : D
PS. if anyone’s wondering, the exhaust area with lots of small holes, is done with a boolean modifier, total of 11k faces.

Looking nice so far! Although I would hate to see the wire frame of the exhaust area. From what I have seen, the boolean leaves the mesh in quite a mess, I avoid it. I’m doing a Ferrari myself right now and it has lots of little tedious stuff like that as well, quite a pain to model it all…


yeah its pretty messy there, but I think it won’t cause any problems as its completely flat surface there. But 2.62 is going to be released with new improved boolean and remesh modifiers so it’ll be a great opportunity to testdrive these new tools. :slight_smile:

Looks good so far; must say, that some of these sports cars provide nice challenging shapes for us modellers /nod

Yup, we gotta get out of the comfort zone :slight_smile:
Here’s an update with starting of adding sharpening loops to the front:

Just goes to show you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on expensive modelling software to get good results (cough) 3ds Max…

Looking good, keep it up. :smiley:

Smoothed and sharpened the door and side skirt areas. Also added the doorhandle
dang this car is a lot more complex than the scuderia, which I did a year ago :o

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it looks good but what’s with the tiny images, I am sure BA allows you to attach bigger images than this

ups, my bad. I was pretty sure I made an update post, but for some reason it didn’t show up in browser on my laptop which is super weird O.o so I posted this morning again, but grabbed the preview images. You can see post #9, same images, but bigger.

Hey :slight_smile:
That really looks great… keep it up!

thanks again for that tut :slight_smile:
Also a quick update, sharpening the next panel:

It’s good work but the mesh is too heavy and there is a poc at the left of the tail light.

Great work, im going to attemp a car next!

there is atually that grease at the left of the tail light like visible on this reference

good luck with that :slight_smile:

Sharpened the back area and also made a tire for a break from the body:

Is your tire high res or you use a baking image?

the tire is modeled, around 3500 faces. But I think I’m going to redo it with a more complex pattern.