Ferrari 458 Italia

Latest renders:

Early render!!

Wip: Aiming for a dark render where the red color of the car makes a huge contrast. I don’t know if the material is too saturated or not, any ideas??

Not bad! I believe the image would look much better if you lowered the camera angle. Very nice modeling!

Thanks :slight_smile: - In this render I’ve focused on the model, materials and lighting and I haven’t done any compositing and I haven’t thought much about camera angles, but thanks! :smiley:

Headlights and front grid added, fixed some mesh errors and changed the material of the rims :slight_smile: I’ve also desaturated the carpaint a bit to make it look more natural or realistic.
I’ve also experimented with a low light render (The last one), which i think makes a really cool effect! :smiley:

The shadow of the car isn’t strong enough. The car lacks side mirrors, and the headlights look dead. The model looks rather clean though, and the carping is nice!

The last one would be really cool with bright headlights. Like really bright. Also here is the lighting setup for a nice render: :slight_smile: Good job!

Oscar: The reason why the shadows are too weak is because the car is ‘hollow’ and the light is shining right through it from the windows, but I will fix it asap. I’ve not modeled the side mirrors yet and I haven’t done any compositing either - which I think is the reason the headlights look dead. :slight_smile: But thank you very much for the comment and I will try render a new version soon :slight_smile:

ShadowCamero: Yeah, great idea! With that much contrast the image would be great for wallpapers etc. :smiley: - And nice render with the lighting setup. Right now i’m using a softbox, a front light and two emission planes placed on the left side of the car. :slight_smile:

Improved headlights
Fixed the shadows
Added front emblem
Added windows… :wink:

  • And some temporary side mirrors (Just a quick made model)

I’ve also tried to improve the dark render with some strong light effects, but it just made the render even worse! :frowning: - I don’t know what is wrong… Maybe the light effect makes too much contrast in the image. :confused: Any ideas?? :slight_smile:

  • Still havn’t modelled any interior or done any compositing! (Exept the light effect in the last image…)

This has really come a long way! You’re latest render looks really great! You might want to change the camera focal length a little wider, just an idea. The lighting is much better!

For the second image, I would suggest you create a second camera and position it straight on. That way you can see the second headlight. Also you might want to move you’re lights onto a separate layer, so you can have multiple lighting setups. For the second lighting setup, focus on the top and both sides. Just some thoughts. Can’t wait so see how this turns out! :slight_smile:

I dont think youll feel comfortable with the results unless you add a ground texture and an environment
i say let the sun or other shop lights light up that headlight… gamma adjustment might help as well after you do these things

ShadowCamero: Thanks! I think you are right about the focal length. I will try to change it in the next render. :slight_smile: And yep - The second image definitely need some huge improvements. But seriously, Thank you so much for all your advice, I really appreciate it! :smiley:

Springwater: I have actually planned to render the model with a hdri map when it is done and yeah… I should probably do some kind of color correction in the compositer in my next render. :wink:

Wuuuuh! :smiley: Just finished the front render! I’m VERY happy with the result… :smiley: The compositer is freaking dope! :wink: Anyway… I spent about 3-4 hours in the compositer, but I think it was completely worth the time. Big thanks to the awesome Andrew Price and his eBook the Wow factor. If you don’t already have it… Buy it! :wink: :smiley: - It’s great! :slight_smile:

You nailed it! Great job!

It looks really nice! There is some grunge overlay in the last render that I think is a bit too strong, as it’s very noticeable on the front window and over the right head light.
Otherwise I think the render is very good :slight_smile:

OT: Funny to see another Dane named Daniel making cars in Blender, what are the odds of that happening? :smiley:

You are completely right about the scratch/dust overlay in the last render… It also makes the image way too grainy. I will try to find another image for the overlay, with less “graininess” and then lower the mix value. :slight_smile:

  • And wauw, it feels wierd to write an English message to a Dane… :wink:
  • New scratch texture for the overlay - The image isn’t grainy anymore :smiley:
  • Increased the overall contrast a bit
  • Lowered the saturation of the red car paint just a bit
  • Increased the saturation of the light effect


A new HDRI render… But I think it looks like shit :frowning:

This the second hdri render I’ve made and I still don’t have any idea how to do it properly. :confused: The road and the barrier are modeled, but the mountains in the background is - obviously - a image added in the compositer. I still havn’t done any compositing (Exept the background) and I’m also planning to add some blured snowflakes in the front, using a particle system. Do you think the image have any potential?? Or should I try something completely else? :confused:

Any suggestions?

I really like your low light render, It would look even better if you had an extremely bright light and the camera was a bit more strait on.

I think the lighting is one of the main reasons it doesnt look natural/real. The light on the mountains are very bright with harsh shadows coming from a clear sun. Where as the light on the car looks a lot more soft and the shadows are smooth. Also the direction of the light is not the same on the car and on the mountains. A small amount of DoF on the car might also help.
Just my thoughts about it :slight_smile:

I think the placement of the car in the middle of the road looks like an accident. No turn to see => no drift as an excuse. No motion blur or smoke: So apparently someone parked like a beginner. Or he/she is driving alone and has not friends.