Ferrari 512 S Modulo


I started dabbling around with blender again, first got in around 2004 with mostly low poly stuff for the Racer simulator. Had a long break without much blendering but now have found some new inspiration for some slightly more detailed stuff and having a blast learning higher poly modelling, trying Cycles and many other things for the first time :smiley:

The mesh has a few small topology issues I’m probably not going to fix anymore, but I’m planning to make a complete and a fairly accurate model otherwise. Exterior is mostly done (with some shrinkwrapping + manual editing), interior has been started and the engine bay is still completely missing. Not working too fast because of work and life, but it’s getting there, slowly.

Some images:


I love this design of the car. It looks like a concept car that could be in an auto show. What’s the dashboard looks like?

Rest of the interior is still WIP, but it was quite futuristic for its time (1970’s) and today even. You can see the original from the Pininfarina site:

I can see that now! Didn’t know that design was over 50 years old! Still, this is a very good recreation of that vehicle.

Worked on the interior some more, especially on the proportions and I think it’s much closer to reality now.

More work on the interior, this time with the controls and instruments. Modified the material a bit too, trying to emulate the hand/wear marks with a simple noise shader, not completely sure if I’ll stick with this version though. Model wise it’s still missing a couple of gauges and some smaller bits, but most of the stuff is there.

Center gauges close-up. Couldn’t find the exact Veglia style font but I guess this one is close enough for now.

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Interior is now more or less complete :slight_smile: A few holes need to be patched around the canopy, I’ll get to those when finishing up the exterior.

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Small update, starting to form the engine compartment. The “Skin” modifier proved to be pretty useful in sketching out the frame structure, but I’m not sure if I can use it as the final form yet. Not a lot of detailed reference of the frame could be found so I just made the missing pieces look like something plausible.

In about 1975 I built a scale model of this car from a kit, I think it was 1:24 scale or somewhere close. In the instructions it mentioned that the car was painted white, repainted black and then repainted white again. There was also a mention of an intention to paint it bright orange at some stage, which was never done but was sketched. I think Pininfarina should be proud of the design, it looks futuristic even now, many years after it was built.

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I agree that the design is somehow timeless and really inspires the imagination. Maybe not so pleasurable to drive because of the really limited turning radius of the front wheels, but who cares about such details :slight_smile:

I made some advancement with the model too, almost completed the gearbox (phew!) and started detailing the engine, once they are mostly done I’ll need to apply the mirror modifier and do the non-symmetric parts.

Also remodeled the frame based on the 512M/S reference. I wonder why I didn’t think of it earlier since they are technically the same car :smiley:

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i am a car design student,i want to know if i can get your work because i designed a new ferrari 512 modulo and i want to render it with the original one,please contact me if its possible.
[email protected]

Hi Habalux,

I wanted to see if it would be ok to use this model for a game I like playing.

I would give you full credits, link to any of your works and you would be able to drive your creation in virtual reality which is an amazing experience.

Please let me know.



Hello! I am building a full-size driving replica of the 1970 Ferrari Modulo. Your 3D model appears to be the most accurate one I’ve found. I was wondering if you would be willing to share it or sell a copy of it with me for reference sake?

Thank you,