Ferrari Concept Design. Don't know what it is.

Update: you can find the model here:

Ignore the flashy presentation of the pictures. Having a really difficult time convincing myself this is “real”. I need help but i dont know what it is yet. The white background picture is my first render attempt. The black “glossy” picture is my more recent attempt. Things I’ve learned or realized so far:

Tires where too glossy
Rim metallic texture could be more real.
The panel lines where cut too thick.
The headlights needed better detail or a different approach
Trying to figure out how to get that “sparkle” finish under the red paint coat like in real cars.

Beyond that, I dont know what I’m doing wrong. Something seems off. I know it’s a concept design but still. Is it the compositing? Is it the model itself? The PBR texturing?

Or am I on the right track?


I believe you are on the right track really. I suggest looking at Macio’s material set up for the car paint. ( I think this will give it more of the “real” effect for you. It is under Dielectrics. You could probably find more Blender Cycles carpaint materials on google. Though because PBR is sort of new to blender you might not be able to find a PBR carpaint other than Macio’s. Just remember PBR is just mainly in reflections and fresnel. If you haven’t already you might want to look into CynicatPro’s video of either Metal or Specular workflow and Andrew’s PBR Metal tutorial.

I can’t remember which of Cynicat’s video that he talked about car paint. Mainly he used his reflection node for a “Clear coat” finish for his metals.

I hope this helps!

absolutely does! thanks!

i think i have the paint and the feel where i want it. some input would be appreciated. by Lee Creative, on Flickr


Good good job…

… excellent work. I specially appreciate all the details on the shell, really there you have done a really serious job. ( Excuse my poor reference, but i see a bit of AKIRA motorbike in it )

Excellent artwork!

I think the camera for the head-on shot should have a bit more perspective and should be closer to the ground.

It looks like a caricature of a Ferrari.

Many supercars have limited visibility from the back window (or no usable back window, uses a camera), but this also has limited visibility at the front. Driver eye level on a F1 car is above the front wheels, which are covered in this one, and the wheel arches looks to be in the way.

Ferrari also puts that idiotic steering wheel in some of their cars where all the normal controls are on it, so they switch places. Put that in and there will be very limited visibility to the outside and total confusion on the inside, so the owner will die in a massive accident after he has taken care of half dozen baby strollers.

lol i enjoy this reply. You’re right. I think in studying concept design for a brand like ferrari, it’s easy to see how impractical the designs can get. The limited visibility (line of sight) for the driver being a big one. Hopefully on my next concept (BMW) I can study a more practical design. Thank you for the input, I appreciate it.

I can see what you mean. Now that you mention it you’re right :slight_smile: thank you for the input. I appreciate it.

No prob! It looks awesome! Tip: If using the reflection node by cynicat for a clear coat layer. Turn up the roughness of that reflection node to your desired appearance. I find my self using the specular/reflection slider as well to push the amount of reflection.

Ehh nvm… Tested it and didn’t work too well. This set up in the pic worked. This can be improved on. I used Andrew Price’s node set ups.

It’s funny you say that. I’m working on a combination of Andrew’s node setup and various paint tutorials to develop an uber PBR shader that easily lets you control color, rim color and sparkle density and intensity. Still working it out.