Ferrari Dealership

I am currently doing ArchViz work for a small architecture firm. This is my current project. Tips, comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome. This was rendered in Yafaray.


lol at first I thought these were actual photos.:smiley: I would suggest getting rid of those white speckles in the first couple of renders though. Nice work!

How did you create the sky at sunset? It looks nice.

The sky white speckles are from a low render quality for the sample images. I will use a better setting for the finals. The sky image is from a set ok sky textures i purchased.

that tree is way too billboard like… it doesn’t blend into the scene at all… get gen3 for blender and make a few trees with it, or get ngtree standalone and make them with that… far better results than tree images… the models are just primed for some textures… everything - even flat white paper - has some texture, some concrete, the road, plaster or tiles on the building and you can probably call it done…

they all the same car??
if so nicely made

The ferrari model is from a fellow blender user, Halfgaar.

It is a super detailed ferrari model, I simplified it slightly to reduce the poly count to make it a little more managable for the model.

His work is below, but I would be more than happy to share my slightly modified version, both of which are avaliable under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.