Ferrari Enzo (finished) "car"

strictly © 2009

i started a thread for this but it just died so i had to go solo.
in the end i got it finished and i was just amazed how amzaing this car is!
you like? more pics on my site:
so here are my finished renders:
strictly © 2009

You have some issues where your meshes are joining up, especially the windscreens. I think there are a few tutorials about which show a car modelling process that overcomes that, but adding loop cuts and creasing edges slightly with shift-e will help.

Tyres and the headlight area need more work, there are a few tyre tutorials about, also I would put a plane or a basic box shape behind the grill with a dark material to stop the viewer from knowing that it is an empty shell.

Some materials on the car could do with a little tweaking, the studio set up with the grey is quite nice though.
I hope some of that helps, you’ve made a good start but you just need to do a little more work.

thanks, iv moved on from this car.
so ill note your tips for my next car.
do you know any tutorials?

I believe one of the BlenderArt mags has an issue devoted to cars ( I checked it’s issue 8)

The workflow Is very similar in most apps. I used to check out a site call scratch made cars which had some very useful resources, they email you though if you don’t visit the site for a while, which I find mildly irritating.