Ferrari Enzo

i have been workin on this one for a while and it kinda fading away so i thought i might as well get some feed back off it to see wat i can do better

here r some pics

i know the meterial is crap and they r just basic renders but i just wanted feed back on the mesh and the modeling


already looking good keep it up!

There are some quirks here and there, for example at the outside of the air-intake.

And the hole of the headlight has some very distinct lines running from each corner. This applies to more areas, rear window for example.

Are you using subsurfaces? Can I see the wires from (about) the same camera positions?

very nice car model keep it up hope to see the rest soon

when in started this car i was not really concerned about the mesh just wat it look like, so its not the best mesh

thanks for the coments

I cannot see it clearly, but are you using triangles in some places? If you are, you shouldn’t. Can I also see a wireframe in non-subsurfaced-mode, a screenshot of the 3D-window with the “wire” button pressed in the object buttons?