Ferrari Enzo

(enzor) #1

hi, some years out of blender and CG, I try to go back and finish my project called Ferrari Enzo by Enzo(my name is Enzo :D). I am using new features like shadow catcher for compositing with backplate, pricipled bsdf for all materials (onelvxeDisneySurface for more control over glass) and color management.

I can´t use denoiser because my video card was in the limit, I had to do some optimizations in the scene to be able to render, like disable some mirror modifiers,resize hdri, disable the visual effects of the operating system and render from the command line

After a long render time and unable to clean noise my solution was to switch to brached path tracing and wuala

my scene

finally my render from cmd and memory consumption :evilgrin:

(jacek1983) #2

Beautiful. Great work. Looks very realistic.

(Paul DeCelle) #3

Very well done - I’ve tried doing a car and know first hand how hard it can be to get them right.

(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #4

Cool light!
How long it will takes for few like those renders?
Keep creating! :slight_smile:

(enzor) #5

3 hours with the same setting as you can see in the second image