Ferrari F1 2000 Steering-wheel

Hey Guys,

Reworked a 3 years old project that was left pretty incomplete. As PBR is now coming in front I crafted a shader for cycles following tutorials and learning from Sketchfab/Marmoset/Quixel (great shader by the way. Just needed some adjustments) and decided to go for realism and precision on this.

I’m happy to where I got for now. So I post it in the finished project thread.
All materials/ textures are home made using photoshop and/or Substance Designer. Rendered in Cycles with my PBR node.

What you guys think?

Some more images :slight_smile:

It could be nice but the DOF really sucks and ruins most of the pics.
It looks sham as if you attempted to simulate it in PS.
I’m not totally able to judge the work cause I find it very disturbing in my eyes.

As a personal opinion I wouldn’t add a so strong DOF when you have the whole product model in the picture.
A strong DOF is acceptable when you drive beholder’s eye on particulars (as in the last pic), but with the whole model in the view (and no background) it should be much softer and subtle than yours to be realistic.

Hi guys, I was waiting for the sketchfab player to be repaired to embed the model.

Here it is :slight_smile: