Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Rendered and modelled in Blender 2.8, still getting used to new layout and shortcuts. I will be doing more renders with this model soon. Used Parking garage HDRi and backplate from Criticism requested.


Hello. This is the new render of the car. Matched perspective using fSpy and edited in Photoshop and Lightroom.


I don’t see blenderaptor in the car

Haha, nice one. In all seriousness though, What can I improve?

Im not pro with lighting … But it seems that your Ferrari is too light exposed … looks like in a show room . A garage is more dark ,or at least, light coming from 1 or 2 sources.

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A Ferrari is not only a car … it’s a monster … Make you Ferrari like a beast hidding in the darkness of the garage … make it sleep … make it still … but then … its eyes opens …

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I understand what you are saying. Will definitely try that kind of lighting setup. Thanks for the tip.

Great model and render!

Could the metal possibly be a little more matte, with a thicker clearcoat? I feel like the car is very silvery.

Is that circle of light emitted by the lamp, or is it painted there? Its edges are very strong.

Perhaps the orange column paint’s opacity could be tuned down just a bit?

I feel like the pavement should be darker.

That said, you’re a far better Blenderer than I am.

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New render, composited in Corona Image editor and photoshop, final edit in lightroom.


Hello there !

The last one is pretty interesting. You create a better car painting. Also, you have to ask yourself what you want to render. The last one seems to be like ads photo. If you want obtain a more professional look, you have to focus to enhance the lines of the car with the light. Especially the A-line and the huge shape on the door. I think you should try a shoot with a camero much more close to the floor. :slight_smile:

The car is well done.i do agree a lower and more (dramatic)angle would do this model justice.
the lower angle changes the lighting quite a well as concealing the texture repeats in your ground plane.still,outstanding work!

Thank you. Yes, I will definitely do more close up shots, I have already planned those, this was a recreation of a corvette render I did, It highlights the roofline and body shape so I did this one. Many more coming up, I want to show the modelling closer.

Yes, there are repeating textures, I tried to minimise them by rotation and all but we cant eliminate them.

Yeah, some inspiration was taken by official Ferrari ad as they do a similar ground and lighting setup.

Original and edited. New render.


Hey SK0441,

I don´t know if you are going for realism or a bit stylized, but I think if you go for photorealism, the post processing is a bit overdone. The car looks a bit too sharp and bright compared to your original render which looks more believable, but somehow really dim.
Maybe you could use a brighter HDR and only simply add a bit of glare in post.

But that is just my opinion, and this is much better than anything I could produce at this point.
Happy Blending

I have a stylised approach for this one, more like mixed. Making the hdr brighter just ruins the accuracy of it. I read that in a blog by the creator of hdrihaven. Its just a style of mine that i prefer. For me, original looks ugly. Thanks for feedback, will improve more.

You’re #featured! :+1:


Wow, thanks Bart. Didn’t see that coming.


One of them is rendered in Keyshot and one in Cycles. Yes, the textures and materials don’t match perfectly. Guess who’s the winner.
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