Ferrero rocher

Fully created using Blender, rendered using Cycles, post-processed in Snapseed image editor.
All shaders are fully procedural

Hope you like it.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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That is an amazing render, especially due to the fact that it is all procedural!
It definitely is photorealistic and accurate. The way the chocolate and nuts mix together look very good.

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This looks absolutely delicious! Its my favourite sweet too <3 Spot on

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I appreciate it very much

Thank you for the feedback

thank you. i’m happy to hear that

Very good. Nice render p. The actual chocolate looks too big for the case.

thank you for your feedback

now i’m hungry af… thx… xD
looking rly good, the colors are on point imo
for me, a blurred background is always a quality boost
well done ^^

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I hogged a bunch of these at work one day.

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That looks delicious! Now I want some sweets. Great work.

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how you shading the chocolate? :open_mouth:


it’s just small musgrave noise as roughness and displacement.

musgrave noise for the Nuts planted in that chocolate?