FERRUM 807 | Hard Surface Concept


EEVEE Render:

Cycles Clay Render:

Workbench Renders:

Character sheet:

Weapon - Mashup of Calico M900 and some Sci Fi concepts in pseudo FN 5.7×28mm caliber:

Rifle from first person view:

Weapon - Sci Fi 9mm pistol with some picatinny attachments:

Pistol from first person view:

Random poses:

With rifle:



This is continuation of me trying my hard surface modelling technique from QUADEXTRA, just with a lot more bevels for smoother surfaces:

Demo file: workflow_example.blend (175.8 KB)

This time I also dabbled with rigging and discovered neat trick what allows much easier posing of slow high poly models - it’s possible to rig high poly model, then copy it, decimate it and use decimated mesh data for posing. Once you are done you can link original high poly mesh data and render it: