Few of my sculptures.

I hate to say this but right now Blender and 3d are sort of a sideline for me, my main focus right now is a different 3 dimensional media: sculpture. As much as I like modeling and can’t wait to start really animating, there’s nothign for me that beats the feal of clay forming under my hands. Thankfully for my sculpting and 3d go well together so my real hope is to dovetail the two proffesionally.

Here are 3 recent sculptures of mine, the first is on my website the other two aren’t painted yet so I haven’t added them, they are all polymer clay and the painted one was done with acrylics. The first one is a mermaid bust she’s about 8 inches tall, I’m still pretty proud of the fact that it was a moderators choice on Elfwood. Next is a dryad full figure about 7 inches tall. And last is my little sorceress bust, she’s about 5 inches tall and I have yet to decide what type of spell to sculpt in her hand.




Wow. Hold on… that didn’t quite capture it…


That’s some great work there. I have no other words.

Simply gorgeous! Really beautiful stuff!

Post more pictures when you get them all painted.

I absolutely love these sculptures. You clearly have a great sense of form.