FFMPEG: how to install for Blender?

Hey guys, I’m using Linux and I’m trying to get ffmpeg support for my Blender.

I know that if I download Blender tar.bz2 file manually as in going to the Blender official site and downloading it, It’ll come with the ffmpeg support but I’m trying to get ffmpeg to work with the Blender I installed using Fedora Core 6’s yum installer.

I’m using Fedora Core 6 kernel 2.6.18-1.2798.

Installing Blender with Yum don’t seem to have ffmpeg support and I’m wondering why that is so?

I like yum because it saves me countless hours of trying to install a software in Linux when I can do it in 10 minutes with Yum.

So any help would be much appreciated,


Check what Blender version yum will install
Probably not the 2.42a
And install Blender from the TAR.GZ archive is as fast as uncompress
the archive…that’s all…2 seconds?

No, the Yum installer installs Blender 2.42a.

I wish I could help you.

I am on debian and I just type ‘apt-get install ffmpeg’ and its installed - well actually since ‘blender’ depends on it it was installed automatically.

Doesnt yum take care of dependencies (ie. install ffmpeg when blender is installed)?

Maybe 1. Remove Blender using Yum. 2. Install ffmpeg using Yum. 3. Re-install Blender using Yum might work?

Don’t RedHat have some objection to using codecs etc that may infringe patents, I know they cripple mp3 support, but I’m sure this extends to certain video formats too (especially as ffmpeg now has native WM9 support). I’d try one of the official archives, then build my own ffmpeg before building blender from source.

Maybe ask on the FC forums if ffmpeg from the official repos is crippled in any way.

Ok, let’s start from the beggining
Why did you say that “your” Blender don’t have ffmpeg suport
Look in the Scene-> Format Panel for the ffmpeg item in the format box menu
If not…weird…blame someone…the fedora package managers???
If yes…
now in a console or xterm type ffplay
You should see something like this in he window:

ffplay version 0.4.9 blah blah

Good you have ffmpeg instaled
And it works?
Type: ffplay /path to a music file/mymusicfile.mp3 or .wav or .ogg
A window should pop-up ans the music start to play

OTO, I already said I know that FFMPEG comes with the Blender if DOWNLOADED MANUALLY FROM BLENDER.ORG but I was wondering why it doesn’t come with Blender if I installed it with yum (Linux software installer for Window boys).

Craven, I see your point now.

I can see why they don’t include ffmpeg for Blender through yum installations due to the patents infringement possibility like MP3 formats.

Thank you.