ffmpg for Windows?

What is about ffmpg support for Windows …any news if this Released in the Next Official Blender Version for Windows…2.43??
or this is not Possible…and only works in Linux!
Will this Integrated…???Or never Integrated?
I have some Testing Builds 2.42a with ffmpg for Windows…not works ok…crashes…and so!?



isnt the next version going to be straight up 2.5

Don’t worry, rest assured that the developers would never let a release for one OS be better than another for very long. I expect ffmpeg to be fixed in the next release, whether it be 2.43 or 2.50 (really?)

Although they did leave us without an undo key for quite some time…

Current plan is to release 2.43 somewhere in december, and after that 2.50. ffmpeg for Windows and Mac is intended to be part of 2.43, although it’s not clear yet who will do the work to make that happen.

I might have this mixed up, but why do we Windows users even need that? Can’t you just install ffdshow and use that? Is there really a need to build this into Blender?