FG Tools EVC | Editing Vertex Color Addon

Hello there! This is the page for may EVC addon to live here and to be found by someone, maybe collect some requests, bug reports, for me to post some future updates.

So what is this addon? EVC (editing vertex color) is the addon designed to be handy tool for more technical side of vertex color works. If you use VC for masking your material instructions or for whatever else you need and you feel pain in the ass to manage VC by default blender Vertex Paint because it was not designed for such works - this addon may be helpful for you.

You can download addon from my Git
Link to addon wiki page and here you can find long and pretty boring video manual.

Key addon features (in version 1.0 at the moment):

  • It work in Mesh Edit mode so no need to switch to Vertex Paint.
  • It has it’s own vertex color picker tool which, unlike default Blender color picker, look inside mesh data and pick not screen pixels color, but actual vertex color values.
  • It has advanced masking options (in compare to Vertex Paint mode) so allow to do more advanced VC editing.
  • It has it’s own Select Similar operator for vertex colors (Blender has lot of possible “select similar” options but not for vertex color).
  • It provide you with such tools Set/Add/Subtract (VC on channel/channels), Randomize (VC values for Set/Add/Subtract tool), Move/Copy/Swap (VC channel to channel), Multiply+Power (VC on channel/channels), Invert (VC on channel/channels).
  • It has it’s own color palette for cases when you need to use often some very specific color values.

Big thanks to my friend Yuriy Bozhyk for helping me with design decisions and testing, I started working on this addon when he asked me for help with fixing other (much simpler) addon for vertex color editing.

Thank you for visiting this page and paying attention, I hope this addon could be useful at least for someone in the world so I made it not only for my self :slight_smile:

From what I tested 1.0 addon version should work fine for Blender 2.93 version and above (highest version I tested Blender 5.1). If you found some errors or you have some suggestions - you are welcome to write about it here in the comments section.