Fiat 500 Classic model

Hi there! :slight_smile:
I put quite some time in this Fiat 500 model and I’m looking for some “brutally honest” feedback.

P.S. I’m new to this “forum” thing so if I do semething wrong feel free to point it out.

As an old fan of the topolino I wanted to look at what you had done but the link is broken.

Thanks for notifying me.
I think it should now be fixed.

Pretty nice.

I see some problems, the head lamp are too dark.

The joints may need to be pushed deeper to realy separate the metal part.

The cloth on the roof is backward as the metal part in the midle is here to maintain it, the highest part is suposed to be on this line, here it’s like gravity and tension are going backward.

It look like its brand new, some weathering my had the last touch of realisme but that may not be true if you’re trying to get it brand new for some reason.

Lastly some old school italian licence plate may look cool on it.

Edit: the material looks all fine to me aint the roof part that looks like ruber and is suposed to be cloth.

Very nice! I agree, the only material that doesn’t look quite right is the roof. Overall, lovely job. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the constructive criticism.
I do agree that the headlights are too dark and that’s mainly because while i was working on the model they were turned on and for this render i decided to turn them off.
As for the roof i was working mainly off of this reference image…

…and to me the roof looks like leather-type material and is stuck on top of the metal part of the car, so that’s what I was going for.
I haven’t jet decided what I’m gonna put on the licence plates; and yes, I’m going for a “new” look on the car.

Also for my first car model and my first serious blender project in general I was kinda expecting worse critique. :slight_smile:

Yes with this reference the material look good. The reference I looked art looked like cloth but was of a slightly older model as I didnt find the exact one.

I maintain the gravity probeme as the roof dont look like a -90° rotated B in the picture, he is quite flat with some folds. Same for the joint as the door, hood and front light are separated of the rest by black line on the reference pusing the joint more inside the model may probably solve this.

I’ m totaly jalouse if its your first seriouse model, you have a great eye.

Edit: comparing with your reference the head lamp and fiat insigna looks smaler than in the reference, especialy the fiat insigna, for the head lamp I m not totaly sure.

Very nicely modeled. The only suggestion that I have is to make the lights brighter.

I agree, the lights should be brighter. Also you could try to put on the lights of the car, rotate the front wheels a little in order to bring more dynamic to the scene and … that’s all. You’re car looks great!

Dude, super nice!

In order of things jumping out and looking off.

  1. Reflections in paint shader. Not enough fresnal, and not enough range in reflections. Consider a stronger HDRI. elbrujodelatribu makes some really nice cycles painted metal mats When I look at the photograph I get a sense of depth in the car paint, as it is reflecting a scene and I’m looking into it, with the render its much more flat and all I see is a few rectangular lights.

  2. Steering wheel too thin. Hubcaps need a couple more loops and beveled extrusion for a tiered center.

  3. The headlights are all too small, and the large headlights need material work.

  4. You need larger gaps between the hood/car and doors/car. In the photograph there is maybe a full centimeter gap and it goes completely black there. The mdoel looks fused togather.

  5. The side view mirror shape is off, and it appears to be poking through the car.

  6. Never underestimate the effect of the surrounfing scene. Make the floor more interesting, more gloss, and with some tiles, separation. That will get reflected in the paint shader and give more depth.

Really great job!

great start. It looks like most of the things have already been mentioned, and aside from those, I’d change the material of the inside wheel well. Check the reference image you posted to see. keep it up!

I think the headlights are quite a bit too dark, even for turned off.