Fiat 500 & Italian Cafe (+ download link)

Hi everyone, this time Yorvin and I tried kind of a pocket scene with a vintage Fiat 500 and an italian cafè as the environment around it

The .blend can be downloaded from gumroad as Pay What You Wish, for free or with a donation of your choice

Hope you like this one :slight_smile: and if you try the model let us know what you think!


@davzeppelin, mate, it sooo cuteeee! :grin::smiley:
Really a fan of this kind of, cartoon-ready projects! It’d be good if this project alive in cartoon animation too.
And yeah, thank you for the blend file😊
EDIT2: It seems like the link on gumroad isn’t working for me. Exactly, i push the download button on blend file and it goes stopped and stopped on infinity estimate time.:confused:

thank you very much :slight_smile: , glad you like this one! we were thinking of making some small animations, like lighting changes or the camera moving around the scene, but nothing really too complex to be honest

oh, okay, sometimes gumroad has issues (i’ve been told), maybe trying now or in a short while will take care of it
worst case, we are also on cubebrush

maybe you’re not going to have any issues here :slight_smile:

thank you again!

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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wow, thank you very much!!!

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