Fiat 500

Finally finished took me a little bit much harder then I thought it would be … first car comments would be great…

:eek: first i taught you modeled this car as if it got crashed… Model seems to be bad, material and lighting is good, Compositing work is really nice… Keep practicing…

Thank you for the hones opinion Ramaswamy … one of the problem that I have is how to make the ( spaces ) the same off all the different objects of the car … will keep on plugging away till a get it right :slight_smile:

Do a little looking for both car and general hard surface modeling tutorials.
Keep on keeping on, you’ll get there.

hi, i recently also modeled my first car, and i choose a fiat 500 too, though a classic one… what helped me is to model in orthographic view, and try to align the vertices to the grid, by using numeric entries rather then pushing them by hand. only after i had the big forms really smooth i moved them by hand… and, when you move a vertex and hold shift while you do, the movement is much slower and precise. this is very valuable when doin the door for example, so that it fits snuggly in… if you like and show wire frames, may be some of the car modelers here on ba hop in and help too… just from the render it is difficult to see what is needed to improve.