Ficus Lyrata [Lighting & Material Study]

I wanted to share a very small piece that turned out to look good enough to make me want to show it to the community. I got a model for 3DS Max that I wanted to work in Cycles so I took the textures that the model was provided with and created the materials from scratch. Then, I added a very simple studio lighting setup and rendered the image you can see below. Minor post-pro in Blender’s compositor and Photoshop.

Please share your thoughts and tell me what could be improved (especially on the materials).

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To my pleasant surprise, this project won the Render of the Week on Blender News.

It looks good. There is nothing to really critique.

Thanks. And yeah, there wasn’t too much space for a mistake.

Perfect shader and lighting!

Did you use Principled BSDF shader?

Thanks! And yeah, this is Principled shader with added translucency for leaves.