Fields Do Not Affect Rotation?

Hi All,

I am trying to use a wind force field to spin a particle. Can this be done?
I want the particle to stay put, but I want it to spin.

Here is my setup. I have two particle systems and force fields on two different layers. The Wind force field itself has a checkbox for Location and Rotation implying it may be able to affect both parts of the matrix. One of the Wind fields is set to affect Location and the other field affects rotation. But the rotation version does not seem to work at all.

Can this be done or is there something wrong with my setup?


26_fields_do_not_affect_rotation.blend (109 KB)

I made some progress on this. For instance I can get Wind to spin a cube if I turn on Rotation, set both types to None and enable Dynamic. This make the cube spin when the Wind pulses. But as you can see in this BLEND file, the rotation diminishes a little bit each time the Wind pulses until the Wind no longer affects the Cube at all.

This seems odd, it is almost as if the rotation contribution from a force can only be so large. Continual contribution does not work.


26_fields_do_not_affect_rotation.blend (97.3 KB)

I’m struggling with the same issue. I’m using Turbulence. The Affect Rotation field seems to do nothing.

Maybe this commit is related?

Here two images demonstrating the problem:

You can see in the graph editor that I temporarily increase the strength of the Turbulence, which displaces all the cubes, but they do not rotate. The Affect Rotation checkbox seems to do nothing.

The only way to get the cubes to rotate is if they collide with each other.
Should I open an issue for this?

Hopefully, this will help someone else:
I ran into the same problem and simply needed to check Dynamic under the Rotation section of the particle settings.
Rotation -> Dynamic