Fight club forest fight: Sintel vs ivan + Download link

Hi everybody done with the Fight Club Forest fight animation. Was fun. hope you like it :). Download for a gift of $2 and above

Thanks to my supporters for the gifts :cool:

Interesting, but for some reason it felt floaty to me. It left like it was lacking something… I can’t put my finger on it.

Thanks XeroShadow And if u mean the hair dynamics then yep. it was 1155 frames long. so baking that long kept on glitching. not sure why. so published it without it :P. otherwise thx 4 e feedback :slight_smile:

I don’t think he meant the hair, it feels floaty because the character sometime moves like they both weigh nothing. Case in point for me is when Sintel jumps at the beginning 0.02 she crouches down and then her legs simply go up in the air, there isn’t a pose where she is stretched out with her toe just in contact (look at some jump reference) so I kind of missing the feeling of a force pushing here into the air fighting the force of gravity that holds us down to the ground.

I think the are several places where things like this are happening and leads to the floaty feeling.

Tyrant monkey has the right idea. It feels like they are fighting in space or in an area where the gravity is low. Also at 0:07 mark, I saw some jerking with the hand that made it look like a “glitch”. You have to make sure that there are none before you release the final render. I had to slow it down in order to confirm it.

if u mean the 1st frame then yep. did leave it like that to match up with the smoke fx. but as for the hand glitch. probly didnt notice that one