(gargola) #1

got to go see the lewis tyson fight…see ya after the fight guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

(gargola) #2

Lewis by K.O. yyooooohhooooooooo!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

(blengine) #3

lewis better win! im soooooooo sick of tyson! hes soo evil and hes a damn cannibal!.. that sick freak makes me wanna take out his knees :wink:

(gargola) #4

i told you,Lewis won by K.O. the fight is over! :slight_smile:

(fullback) #5

Maybe Tyson will go away for good now.

Oh yeah Mike, when you leave, make sure to take that fruitloop Don King with you.

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(Enzoblue) #7

Ohhh it was sad… :frowning:

Before the fight, Tyson talked about how he watches his pidgeons to relax and keep his mind clear (i.e. his anger down)

During the fight right before the last round his trainer kept saying “Just let you hands go” meaning start throwing punches, and he could be heard saying/crying “I can’t do it”.

I feel for the guy. It’s hard to see someone that once people were afraid to interview much less than fight, now such a wuss that he’s too afraid to even throw a punch.

Another victum of the system, another fire reduced to mud. Sigh…

(Detritus) #8

Box is a sick, sick sport. Tyson wasn´t a “fire” he was just plain sick in the head (don´t know the word for that in english). I think every boxer is, even thought it´s a better way to get your aggresivity out than becoming a nazi and kicking people to death (rather common in Sweden that youths full of hatred becomes nazis, as that is a political opinion based on hate…). Don´t know what I was trying to say with this reply, except that I don´t like boxing.

(gargola) #9

Enzoblue:yes it was sad,the guy is nuts,i feel a little sorry for him.he got a beating(really bad)…maybe he just need an opportunity to change,and a lot of help!

(MaceG) #10

Yeah, but when Iron MIke was good, he was damn good. A power-house. But ever since he lost to Buster Douglas it’s all been downhill.

(acasto) #11

Some may hate boxing, but then again, everyone likes a good fight every now and then :wink:

I figure, if they want to, let em…

What is that wrestling with girls in which the goal is for them to tear off each others clothes ? I seen it one time but forget what it was.